What would you get in line for seven hours for?

I was going to title this thread What the fuck is wrong with these people? but then I decided that I’m a liberal and people can do what they want if it doesn’t hurt me.

I would not get in line for seven hours to buy a plastic popcorn bucket. In an attempt not to judge the people who do I tried to think of something I would get in line for seven hours for. I struggled and most of the suggestions that jumped into my head were inappropriate ones to do with celebrities being naked or politicians being hit with hammers.

Can you think of anything you’d wait in line for seven hours for?


Nope. And definitely not a popcorn bucket. Especially not a Figment one.


I’m extremely impatient. I can’t really think of anything that would inspire me to wait in line that long! Maybe football tickets just because my 10yo would say I was the best mum in the world :laughing:

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Cannot think of a single thing at WDW.

The only thing I can think of is a potentially life-saving medical treatment or similar.

Life is too short to voluntarily stand around for that much time missing out on everything else around you.


I can’t think of anything I would stand 7 hrs in line for…oh wait to vote but I would come prepared w/ my beach chair to sit in

I really want a Figment popcorn bucket too… but I will NOT stand in a line that long, not even an hour long line. I also will NOT buy one off eBay.


There is nothing I would stand in line and wait 7 hours for.

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I thought something similar: I would 100% wait in a 7 hour line to get an epidural during childbirth.


Heck no. By then you gotta be done with that whole process! Unless you get in line before the labor begins


Well, maybe if it had the same image as the Magic Band :rofl: :scream: :sunglasses:


Yeah it would have to be for something truly life saving. I’ve waited a couple hours for stuff like concert tickets in the before times when nothing was digital, but now… it would have to be something I honestly might die without having.


Now days, there is nothing I would stand in line for even an hour. When I was young and dumb, I stood in line (well, more accurately sat around) for that long or longer for concert tickets. Of course, sitting here now, I cannot think of what bands I actually did that for. :upside_down_face:


an organ transplant?

I waited over three hours for some hot dogs once
but 7 hours?
No thanks.

And if I suggested we piss away an entire day at EPCOT waiting for a popcorn bucket… I think DW would have me undergoing 24-hours of involuntary observation


this is what the local news was poking fun at: “You paid to park, get in and then spend the day waiting on popcorn?!? We can’t comprehend that!”


I’d consider waiting in line for 7 hours to buy a Figment bucket. Figment seems like one of those niche things that I’ve learned over the years could have a very small, but loyal fanbase. I’ve learned that sometimes, the more you think something is a pile of trash, the more someone could want it. I do a decent ebay side hustle, and I’ve seen some things. Watch the resale value of those silly Figment buckets, and the hourly rate might be worth it. It could possibly pay for time + park ticket + substantial profit on top. I’m not saying it WOULD, I’m just saying it might. I’ve seen far stranger things. Plenty of fanatics have too much money. Trust me. Some ppl think even WE spend far too much just to go see a dumb rat who only wants to bleed us dry.

I wouldn’t spend more than an hour waiting for anything at WDW, and 45 minutes is probably more accurate. I almost lost my mind waiting to be seated for 30 min at Tusker House.

AAAAAAAAAAND in about 9 seconds, you’ll see they are selling for over 100 dollars on ebay. One sold today for 300.

$200/7hrs = $28.57 an hr. Not a bad payday? :upside_down_face:

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Are you only allowed to buy one?
AP folks could make a day of it. Like if a family down in Fla all had an AP’s, If I was an industrious 13 yr old kid with a credit card, and my parents bought me an ap - I’d be getting PAID.

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Limit is 2 per customer. I am physically unable to stand in a line that long… neither DH or I can do that, so not happening. And I wouldn’t do it anyway. I wouldn’t sell stuff on eBay either. I buy Disney things b/c I love/want them. My oldest DD is a BIG Figment fan (and has a popcorn bucket collection), I wanted to get one for her, but w/ those lines it won’t happen. It would be nice if Disney would sell them at more than one location though :face_with_monocle:

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I wonder if Figment will end up like this bucket? (DFB reporting)

This is exactly what is wrong with the whole thing