What would you do

Currently planning our second trip to disney and was looking for opinions. This trip will be shorter than our first time as my husband is running the marathon. With limited park days I am considering skipping hollywood studios and adding an extra magic kingdom. my girls will be 7 and 4 for the trip. We did the disney jr stuff last time and they aren’t star wars fans though some of those things seem cool.
would you skip the park or do the star wars stuff

There’s no point in doing the Star Wars stuff if you’re not Star Wars fans. Save it until Toy Story land opens and then go back. By then the girls may be more interested, or you may have more time.

Do what you want to do, not what you think you should do! Sounds obvious but sometimes it’s too easy to feel you really should do something just because other people are talking about it.

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I would skip the studios and concentrate on the magic kingdom more.

I love HS, but I really think MK deserves 2 days so I would choose that. Nothing compares to MK.

I am planning to skip the Studios on our first trip too, and divide our 5 days among the other 3 parks.

I love Studios, but while we were there I literally said the words: “I can see why families with young kids skip this park right now.” Unless you have hopper tickets and can do a half day there and a half day at MK, I would skip it and spend two more relaxed days at MK.


We have skipped DHS our last 2 trips. We prefer the other parks. I actually HATE Toy Story Midway Mania and LOVE Buzz Lightyear.
Your girls are at the age that MK is geared to them. Enjoy this age they will be over the princess phase before you know it :frowning:

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I agree with everyone’s reasons for doing an extra day at MK instead of HS. There are so many things to do at MK, plus you then can redo favorites. You can also do some things in different ways (day vs night, fireworks in different locations, etc).

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If this will give you a 2nd day in MK - I would skip Hollywood.

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Yup. I’m always up for skipping HS to do more MK (or any other park - HS is my least favorite), especially at their ages.

It is a shame HS used to be awesome. Hopefully with all the things they are adding it will once again be a good park. I do find it amazing that with almost nothing there - that WDW still charges what it charges. I guess it is reflective in the attendance though.

You know what your family likes, so let that be your guide. That being said, adding Magic Kingdom days seems to be a no-brainer with kids that age.

For what it’s worth, my kids (10 and 7) thought Hollywood Studios was their second favorite park. They’d rather skip Epcot and especially Animal Kingdom. We actually gave up and abandoned our Epcot touring plan mid-afternoon, headed for the pool, and then hopped back to the Magic Kingdom after supper.

I love HS, but I also love the little things about it, like people watching with a cocktail at the HBD lounge and catching the Citizens of Hollywood shows (hysterical, IMO). I also love the Frozen singalong and meeting Olaf, which your girls may like - if you can do PHs, I would do a half day if you can PH, but like everyone else says, don’t feel bad exchanging it for another MK day.