What would you do? Those darn park/dining reservations!

We have had plans in place for a while for me, my wife & son for the World on May 19 to 27. All park plans, reservations(we are park hopping) & dining were done for the 3 of us. We were all set & out of the blue yesterday he asks if a friend(Syd) can go with us. Now, some of the park reservations are not available for Syd. Disney is very strict - you just can’t add one person to an existing reservation. After a 2+ hour ordeal on the phone with Disney, Syd is going to have to go with my son at another park in the AM on 3 separate days & then back to the resort or second park at 2:00 to meet back up with us for dinner reservations set for 3 people bringing up the question, can we just show up using our existing reservation with 4 people? I mean, there really aren’t tables for 3 that I know of. Should I call each restaurant and change the reservation to 4 or is it safe to show up with 4 people? (the Disney app sure won’t let me do it)

I would just show up. On my three recent trips (all within the last year) we were always given the option at check in to add on one person to the reservation.


You should be fine just showing up. As far as park reservations go, I would just keep stalking availability as it really does fluctuate. Also sometimes it shows sold out, but when you go to book you actually can. They mark it as sold out when there are only a few left for the day.