What would you do? Seeking FP advice for EP and AK with EMH

Seeking FP advice! :thinking:

Here’s what we have:

Tickets: 3-day, no PH
7/10: arrival day
7/11: EP for EMH morning
7/12: MK for EMH morning
7/13: AK for EMH morning
7/14: hotel chill day/CG brunch
7/15: departure day

This will be DS5’s first trip at 44 inches (but not his first trip overall). We’ll be back for marathon weekend in January, and we visit regularly anyway, so I’m not concerned if we don’t do everything. But, we’d like to do multiple rides on some of the attractions we’re sure he’ll love (TT, EE especially - he’s a thrill-seeker). :roller_coaster:

What would you do for FP for our EP and AK days, considering that TT or EE aren’t always running at RD (not to mention EMH)? Would hate to get all the way over to those parts of EP and AK to not have them running. :neutral_face:

To note: We’ll RS FoP, as that isn’t DS’s jam, and no interest in Soarin’ (DH and I miss the old one, and DS5 isn’t a fan of fireworks). :sparkler:

Thanks for any and all opinions! :+1:t3:

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I think FP early for TT and EE. If TT is down in the morning you will get anytime FP and if they are not you can RD then use your FP.
So you should be able to ride at least twice.

Yes, FP the must do rides. If you love them, ride them again!