What would you do? Priceline Express

Following the suggestions in the recent TP blog post, I found a Priceline express deal for our dates at what is almost positively AKL. I could book it for the same price we have CSR booked right now.

FP day is a week from Monday, and my current reservation is with a travel agent who I would be cancelling on.

Assuming the Express deal is even there next time I look… What would you do?

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If you are certain - I would do it! I had no trouble linking my reservation (a one night I had made through Priceline to extend our trip) to MDE. Called to have the kids added to the reservation with no issue whatsoever :blush:

I’m such a chicken though… what if it’s not AKL and I’m stuck with it? And I feel like a jerk dropping the booking we made with our TA. I’ll probably think about it for so long it’ll be gone.

Do you have a screenshot? We can look it over for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’m looking at the 4* one.

What are your exact dates? I’m going to pull it up myself and see what it looks like on my end.

That’s kind of you. We’re there Dec 14 - 22.

I just looked again and as I predicted, I hummed and hawed so long, the deal is gone. That saves me from making up my mind. :wink:

Aw man! I just looked, and it seems like it’s AKL :confused: ratings, reviews, and stars all line up. Keep an eye - you never know when it’ll pop back up!!

It’s back. Aaargh.

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Wait - I just checked the dates and it shows for me. Maybe check again :slight_smile:

I am, in general, a very indecisive person. I changed our last reservation about a million times (stared at yacht club, moved to animal kingdom, beach club - ended up renting points at OKW and saving a ton of money). Then, taking the gamble on an express deal to extend our trip was so nerve wracking — I feel your pain!!! Good luck making a decision! :blush:

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Hi Ladies!! I would like to begin this process… how can I “tell” if the room I am getting is what I want… is there a thread?

There are a few, actually. Try searching ‘Priceline’ on the search bar. There are some really good examples of what to look for, and ‘cheat’ the system :blush::blush: I read a couple threads and figured it out. I’ve also used it in different towns as well - my success rate is 5/5 :joy: I can look for the threads I used if that’s helpful!

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I just saw this post… For more info than you ever want to read You can scroll through my forum thread:
(There’s a lot of stuff there, but the top post has reference charts that should help with comparisons.)

You can read a primer on using Hotel Canary by another TP blogger here:

If you’re a glutton for punishment, you can find a list of all my past TP blog posts here - I tend to sprinkle tips in them, especially in the first ones I wrote:

Any questions, let me know - and Good luck!


Wondering if anyone can help me… I installed Hotel canary on Google Chrome. Through Priceline and the express deals I click on an option and go to book it. When I hit the hotel canary button it just continues to say “there are no hotels matching all the criteria.” Anyone know what I need to do differently? I tried it on a few different options and it says the same thing every time. Thanks!

Over the last month or two, Priceline keeps changing their web site code and then reverting it back. HC does not like the new code, which results in the message you’re getting.

I noticed HC having issues, but as of yesterday it is back to working for me. (I just checked a deal with it a moment ago.)

Ok thanks I’ll check again today! Trying to book a one night stay in a couple weeks.