What would you do? MK DAH or EMH

So I have a work convention coming up the end of March. Will have some time to enjoy by myself after meetings during the day. My arrival day there is MK DAH(Monday) but that Wednesday MK has EMH until 11pm. I could purchase an after 5pm ticket through my convention for less than $70 and essentially have 6 hours in MK IF I AM OUT OF MEETINGS in time to arrive at 5pm. I’m thinking we might be done at 5pm so might not get to MK till 6 or so.

According to the crowd calendar it looks to be a busy week while I am there. Would the crowds be significantly less at DAH? I know when we went to MNSSHP in Sept we could enter at 4pm even though the ticket didn’t start till 7pm. What time can you enter with a DAH ticket at MK?
Our trip this past Sept was not the best, DH was extremely ill the entire time and I missed so much. Really looking forward to this “work” trip so want to be sure I have somewhat of a plan for myself.


I’ve never been, but yes, the crowds will be significantly lower at DAH.

Do check the list of what attractions are open for DAH vs EMH to make sure you would get everything you want.


I’m leaning towards DAH for sure. I didn’t even realize until this morning that it’s on a Monday night and the next day I have free also so I really could utilize staying till the very end and sleep in a bit the next day… or be really crazy and make it over early to HS the next day and to see RISE. It’s pretty nice just having to make these decisions for myself and do what I want when I want. Thanks!


If cost isn’t a huge factor, I would vote DAH. I feel like EMH has become much more crowded over the past few years. DAH at MK has been fabulous both times I’ve done it.

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I’ve never been to either but I like the look of DAH on paper moreso than EMH…