What would you do? Lodging situation

So, y’all. Because I know you will appreciate this after @profmatt ‘s post about oily men.

At 12:18 am this morning over here at Animal Kingdom Kidani, we had a HALF NAKED TOPLESS MAN banging on our door demanding we be quiet because we are disturbing the whole floor and he needs sleep.

First of all, we WERE IN BED. And relatively quiet.

Second of all, we have a really large room and we’re in the dead center and even if we had been loud? I don’t know who would have even heard us.

And did I mention we were in bed?


We seriously thought it was someone drunk at the wrong room.


I called down to see if they called the front dress, and the front desk pulls up the security camera and was like “woah, that’s not how we do things around here!”

Anyway. Like. Seriously?! :joy::joy::joy:

But now I’m curious. What would you do in this situation? No, I did not open the door even though he was demanding I open it and face him. If my husband was here that would have been different, but it’s just the girls, and like I said, we were in bed! Oh and it was after midnight!!

24 hours in and I have so many hilarious stories. Sadly I’m quietly here, so I can’t post them all on Twitter/Facebook like I normally would! LOL. (But I can tell you guys)


Well the ‘half’ could have been a lot worse!


Hmm… Girls in bed, half naked man banging at the door at midnight - sounds like a 70’s porno to me. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!


How did you know he was half naked, without opening the door? I have to know these details. What did the cctv show? Where did he come from? Was he attractive in his half nakedness?

In the confines of a hotel, I have noticed that people are, well, freer with their state of dress. I’ve seen grown men out in the hallway in their underwear in hotels getting ice or whatever. Not the NORM, necessarily, but I guess they really are making themselves at home. I find it odd to see people come down for breakfast in their pajamas in hotels (although that’s admittedly more acceptable than walking the halls at night in your undies).

So, in that sense, the “half-naked” part isn’t so bothersome to me. The pounding on the door I suspect is a case of mistaken identity. There probably WAS someone being loud, and this guy misjudged who it was.

It isn’t clear why he didn’t just call the front desk to complain, though.


Seriously, this was a frightening situation to find yourselves in and I hope that you are okay this morning. You did the right thing not opening the door and not engaging.


Yes this. Someone was obviously making noise. No way I’d open the door.

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Because like a smart Liner, I looked through the peephole.


He was shirtless. I don’t remember if he had pants on or just like boxers.

I fully admit to standing there with a “WTF” look on my face as he kept banging on the door…so I finally gathered my courage and said “what do you want?”

And he said something about kids and stop drinking and go to bed because we were being loud and obnoxious.

Um. We aren’t drinkers and we only have water in the room! And like I said, everyone was pretty much snug in bed.

According to the front desk the guy had been at our door for quite a while. I guess we didn’t hear him until he banged the door so hard they shook! :joy:


Was this a service you paid for? Did you organise it through Disney or directly with the agency? Could you let me have their details.


You know, frightening wasn’t even in my thoughts. It was more “dude, we gonna have some half naked drunk guy at the wrong room?! I mean THIS WOULD ONLY HAPPEN TO ME!!”

I’m kind of fearless though. Maybe to a fault.

I mean, I meet lots of strangers from the Internet…


Good quip.

Well I find this pretty disturbing. Some anger issues there… even if someone was loud who is bold enough to bang on the door??

Anyways I think you are well with in your rights, if you want, to ask for a room change… different floor. If is was just me abd the girls, that’s what I would do.


And there’s no one stranger than all of us!


Have you watched the Netflix series, ‘You’?

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And this is why I posted this here and tagged you.

Brilliant, absoloutly bloody brilliant.

And we did make a joke about that.

I mean. I kind of roll with stuff when I’m here. I know I’m generally safe and there’s cameras everywhere. Plus we had this whole uproar down at the front desk which resulted in the CMs giving us a complete song and dance rendition of “Be Our Guest” last night. (See? Like, I can’t make this stuff up. We’ve only been here 24 hours too!)

Like I said. I have the wildest stories, except they are all true and I tend to downplay them. :joy::joy:


Yeah. We are moving today anyway. But that’s another long and sorted story. LOL.


You think this is funny? This is my life! Hot guys never strip down to their boxer shorts, bang on my door after midnight and demand to be let in.

And that’s despite the fact I put signs up specifically asking them to do so.


No. I don’t watch a lot of TV.

I’ll have to check it out.

Well that’s good then. What a pain. May the rest of your trip be more magical!

Eh? How does that work? What do you do at night? What is all your furniture pointed at?