What would you do. FP+

Upcoming trip in late August. We got a BOG res (thank you TP res finder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) And are planning a late MK night. That morning we are going to RD epcot.

I’ve always FP mornings. But I’m thinking of just dealing with waits at Epcot and walking into Mk with the 3 fp’s loaded. People agree ?

PS. TP is amazing. Great service !!!

What are your must-dos, touring party composition, etc.?

Yes, there are only three rides at Epcot that need fastpass, and they are all in the same tier.

Just me and my 2 DD’s. 10 and 14. We come down every 2 years or so. And as they’ve aged they’ve really enjoyed closing parks down. But I’m a drill sergeant and wake them for RD each day. Swim and naps after afternoon. Just thinking epcot is so small for what we want. We love TT and like soarin. We want to try Frozen. But feel like we may be able to do those and not get crushed in morning. We always have a big epcot WS night planned that usually includes a TT fp after exhausting 3 somewhere else in the morning.

Having those fp’s loaded for SM squared and mine train is really tempting for a killer MK night. Just hate loosing the potential extra FP’s after morning usages.

Thoughts ?

Have you done a TP to find out what your projected wait times will be at Epcot? I would be reluctant to do standby for FEA. (I am all about getting extra same day FP’s though :relaxed:.) Here is a recent blog post indicating the times/days that same day FP’s become unavailable.

My strategy would probably be to book advance FP’s for Epcot as early in the AM as possible (2 Tier 2’s close to park opening, then FEA for 3rd window), ride Soarin’ and TT standby as soon as you enter the park. Either ride the Tier 2’s or let the FP windows expire. As soon as you scan into FEA, get on MDE and try to book your MK FP’s for later in the day. It’s a gamble, but I would risk it.

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Thats a great helpful link. Thank you. Two questions;

Just want to confirm that once my final FP+ is used I can hop on the MDE and make a new one at a different park? Last time there this was not possible. It had to be at the park you were in.

Second, once I use my final FP+ I can only make one additional FP? Or have they changed it to making more than one?

Thanks D

When we went in April we park hopped like crazy and once our primary 3 FP were used we could make new ones for any park we wanted. And after we used #4 we could book 5, then 6, and so on! Rode a lot of rides at MK with FP that way :slight_smile:

On another note, it’s doubtful you will get 7DMT same day. The two SM are possible but no guarantee. If you have another day planned at MK I say go for the FP at EP (especially if you are wanting to do FEA). If not, and 7DMT is a must do, I wouldn’t risk it.

Yes. After you use your initial FP’s, you can book the next at a different park, even if you are not physically there yet. However, asallen224 is correct, it is unlikely that you will get 7DMT as a same day. (We’ve actually gotten lucky with this though!) If you are going to be in MK until very late, the standby line might go down. You could do some quick personalized TPs to see what your projected standby wait times are under either scenario.

Keep in mind splash mountain is closing on 8/28 for refurbishment. So it may be a hot fast pass item when you are there. It will be closed for over 2 months.

Sorry, I only answered one of your questions. Yes, you can only make one additional FP at a time. As soon as you scan in to each one, you can try for the next one.

thank you so much for clearing things up. Think I am deciding to load the FP early and wake the girlies for RD. they can sleep the rest of the summer