What Would You Do? DVC rental dilemma

I’ve posted all kinds of advice-seeking posts lately regarding our non-trip at the end of April, and now we’re at the crux of “how to best throw away my DVC rental money”…so help me choose my own adventure!

We’re booked end of April with DVC rental. The members points expire July 31, we aren’t able to rebook June/July due to DH work. We’ve already booked a separate trip in September to use our tickets and airfare from this failed April trip. Now our DVC rental broker is asking if we want the member to try and re-rent the points and we might get some money back or we can hold out and hope DVC issues some sort of reimbursement/benefit for members who’s points expire soon and we would benefit from that. DVC broker is saying slim chance of DVC doing anything with expired points.
Also saying that member will only change our reservation once, so we can’t try to re-rent and then benefit if DVC makes any point expiration changes.

I know I signed up for DVC rental and I knew the risks (not that I predicted a global pandemic, but hey some people could still say I knew things were nonrefundable- let’s just say I learned my lesson and we’ll leave it at that). But what would you do- which odds are better? Sit and wait a little longer praying that some sort of point extension/reimbursement is given or go ahead and try to re-rent?!

I agree with the broker.

This is the only chance in my mind that you would see any kind of possible reimbursement


Agreed. Disney is legally bound with regards to extending use years as it would make accommodating all points impossible. They could in theory offer non-DVC accommodations but that’s highly unlikely.

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