What would you choose?

We are going to Disney World in 2021 for our bi-annual family vacation (four sub-families, about 14 or 15 people total, including infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and active grandparents). My parents, the “grandparents” in the group, will be paying for our accommodations. We have stayed together in a house during past vacations and it has worked out well. We like being able to have some family time together during meals and down times, but we can still do what we want outside of those times. We also need to be able to have a kitchen and laundry. Due to the cost, staying on property is not going to work for us.

She was granted over 2 million Hilton points through a series of completely above board situations. She is trying to decide between the following options:

  1. Use the points to rent 2 and 3 bedroom suites at one of the Orlando Hilton Grand Vacations properties, and the family splits up but stays kind of together. Her points would cover the entire cost of the suites.
  2. Use the points to buy 7 round trip United Airlines plane tickets and divide them among the families, and pay out of pocket for a home rental in a nice, new vacation rental neighborhood. The house has 8 bedrooms, most with bathrooms en suite. Private pool, movie room, game room, etc. Cost is about $4,600.
  3. Use the points for a nice European or Hawaiian vacation for her and my dad and just pay out of pocket for whatever accommodations they decide to provide to the family at Disney.

She isn’t super concerned about value, though she also doesn’t want to waste the points she was given. What would you choose, and more importantly, why?

2 million points for 14 flights (7 round trip) doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

I would probably use them for the accommodation


Of these, I’d go with 2, personally. I would rather enjoy the family all enjoying the single very large home. Splitting up would make it seem more like separate vacations at the same time. But having everyone together with private pool, etc? Definitely.

If she can afford to rent the house, I’d save the points for a nice European or Hawaiian vacation for the two of them. I know the family is likely their world, but sometimes a nice getaway for two is a luxury that they deserve. This was ‘found’ money, spoil herself for a change.

I assume you all can afford your own airfare?


I have a significant aversion to being off property - not just because I like being in the “bubble” but due to having the benefit of the 60 day FPP window and the early morning access. Is the Hilton in option 1 a partner hotel that gives you the 60 day and EMH access? If so, I would definitely choose that. My 36 member extended family goes on vacation together every year for a week at the beach and we rent 6 private floors of double deckers so each family has privacy/space but then we congregate at certain places each day. The floors are pretty close to each other but not all right together - it works.
I think option 2 is a waste of points. Option 3 is more a cost issue for your parents…Honestly, even if the Hilton isn’t a partner hotel, I would choose that.

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I vote 3, even if it means scaling back a little. Thats assuming everyone involved can afford it. If not everyone can afford to go then I think it will make things stressful and that’s a great reason to use the points. (As to whether to go 1 or 2, I think that comes down to a math question.)
Option 3 because I’d love to be able to give my mom a vacation. If they have their points its sort of like doing that.


I agree that option 2 seems like wasting the points. And although it sounds a great idea in theory to have everyone together, would everyone truly be on board with that? Even allowing for the fact that families could come and go, would those with babies / toddlers be happy if another group returned just as they had got the little ones settled? It would need some thinking through. You know your family, we don’t. It might be fine, in which case go for it!

What about looking at a DS resort that does condo type suites, and book each family one to suit them? Hopefully close enough to allow baby sitting so that every couple gets some alone time, and even group meals in one of the bigger units, but also allowing some separate time.

Whether they use their points for that or pay and use the points on option 3 would depend if the points can be used there and cost. If it’s not affordable, maybe option 1 if it would work for you.

Oh, and Welcome to the forum!

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If it wasn’t already clear, the opinions of folks on these forums are always quite unified. No one ever disagrees about anything.



#3- if they are like my parents, they have always looked after their grown children and grandchildren. If this is something everyone can do without using the points, they should spoil themselves.


Definitely not 2! I agree it sounds like a waste of points. I would choose 3, because it sounds like they deserve it

I was picking 2 based on the fact that it seems like “wasting points” wasn’t a concern. Although, in hind sight, she said, “She isn’t SUPER concerned,” and not, “She isn’t concerned.” I’ll do better next time. I promise!

I’m guessing they would get more bang for their buck using the points on a vacation package for the two of them, so I’d vote for that. Getting a house rental sounds more fun to me anyway, and less of a logistical nightmare than if you had to stay on different properties!

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Nick, you make a really good point about the quiet and privacy of separate suites (although Disneygirl says they’ve rented a large house successfully in the past). But I think they’d have to be the “free” ones with HIlton points - otherwise, the expense will be really high. For example, I rented points for late October for a 2 bedroom villa at GF and the 5 night cost is about $4700.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I looked on the Hilton website and there are 4 or 5 Hilton properties that are WDW partners so it might be worthwhile to look at their offerings too.

I think it depends on the family dynamic. My family is fortunate that my parents can afford to take the entire family (3 generations) on group vacations (18 people). We generally prefer accommodations when each family has there own rooms or suites. We generally get together for meals and other excursions. The problem with large rental houses is each room is not the same in terms of size and whether there is an on suite bathroom per room. Look, your family maybe different, but separate but equal accommodations decreases the grousing in my opinion.