What would you ask for?

Last fall when I visited WDW with my extended family I had some rough experiences. I emailed GS when I got home to talk to them about what had happened. After reading and validating my concerns, they offered to give me (and my traveling party of 10 people) 5 FPP per person, to be used at 2 parks over 2 days for our next visit. They said to email them when I knew when we would be visiting the parks again and they would get it set up for us.

And then Covid.

We have a trip planned for the end of Sept this year. My question to you is: What would you ask for as a replacement for the 5 FPP per person since the FPP are no longer a thing?

maybe gift cards? since that can only be spent at disney? (assuming you dont sell them)

room upgrade if on site?

We are staying in a 3BR grand villa at The Riviera. What do you think about dinner at Topolinos? Is that too big?

Since you can’t use the FPP, how about a plaid for the day? :wink:

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oooohhhhhh I hadn’t even thought of that!! I LOVE it!

The least expensive plaid for a day is $2975 so I think it would be unlikely!

That’s a tough one. Very hard to monetize FFP. If FFP didn’t exist at the time, what would you have considered appropriate given the issues you had last fall?

Are there going to be future Disney trips? I suspect at some point FP will be brought back in some form (paid FP?) so if you don’t do anything this time around, you may get another chance to ask for something similar to the FPP you were given.

Understatement! :slight_smile:

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Yes, but start big! It might increase their chances of getting something better! Plus, it never hurts to ask…

That’s a good question. Honestly, like park passes or something would’ve been good? I wasted sooooo much time at guest services during that trip. I wasn’t super happy with the FPP at the time…but I couldn’t think of anything else that would’ve been appropriate. I figured they were giving me back some of the time I spent at GS. In that way, a half-day plaid would do the same thing. But I realize it would have a much bigger cost to them.

That’s what they charge a customer, but you have to consider what it actually costs Disney. Pay and benefits for 1 employee for 6 hours? $200? $300?


Very true!!

I’m liking this plaid idea…I wonder if I should start with a full day, or if that’s just too out of reach and I should start with a half-day instead.

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its 7 hours minimum. $425 to $650 per hour.

Wasn’t it something like $50 for 3 extra FPP if you stayed club level? So 50 FPP would be $833? I’d look for an available perk in that range and request it (and provide that rationale).

I’m guessing that undervalues the value of the FPP a bit since the ability to buy them is also wrapped into the club level price a bit, but it seems a really reasonable request so more likely to be granted? (Better than holding onto potentially useless nonexistent FPPs anyway.)


That’s an awesome rationale. Thank you!

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Yeah, I think that’s a non-starter. My understanding is that, at present, the maximum group size for a private VIP tour is 6. So you’d need two separate groups. I don’t see that happening.

Personally, I would ask for something that doesn’t directly cost WDW any money — like room upgrades.


I think @mousematt is on the right track with this one.

So you mentioned your biggest complaint, the reasoning for getting the extra fpp, was all the time you spent at GS. Therefore the fpp made you feel compensated, because it was going to give you back some TIME.

I would start there, with something that could be a time-saver; as well as the point @mousematt was making. You said you were in a 3BR villa at Riviera. Would something like a 3br room at BLT be equivalent for you? Just thinking of TIME you could save in transportation to MK???..

Just throwing that out there as something to think about…


I think that’s a really excellent idea. Doesn’t cost WDW any money, great bonus for @BeckyT13 and her party, and it’s easy to rationalise to WDW when she’s asking for it.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. We are excited about staying at the Riv, so I don’t think we would want to change that. However, we are doing a split stay this trip…and I would LOVE to upgrade our OKW to BLT. That wold be amazing. I wonder if they have the 3BR available at BLT. And you are right that it would save us a lot of time.

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