What will I be missing?

We have been discussing our upcoming summer vacation options for 2022 as a family. We did 8 nights at GDT this past August. We saw the castle all decked out for the 50th. If we “skip” Disney this summer -not that I want to!!- but if we did, is there anything other than the new fireworks shows at MK and EPCOT we’d be missing out on? I could go to Disney every year - more than once a year - but our schedule is tight this coming summer!

I don’t think we know at this point when Splash Mountain and/or Spaceship Earth will be shut down for their proposed major refurb projects, but depending on the timing of the shut downs, it is possible you would miss out on them.

Not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you asking what will be there between August 2021 through summer of '22 that you might miss? Even then, what do you mean by miss? Because if you wait until later (say into 2023), those things might still be there.

I suppose what I’m asking is there anything that will be “limited time only” during the official 50th MK anniversary that we will miss out on if we do not go in 2022. I realize that additional attractions, restaurants, character meets, etc. may open back up that are still currently closed, but like you stated those things should still be there even after the 50th celebrations are over. Is there anything specific just for the 50th anniversary that will then go away after April 2023?

Other than possibly Disney Enchantment, not that we know of. Nothing that’s necessarily “for the 50th” only other than the 50th Cavelcade, the gold statues, and the beacons of light at the park landmarks.

Of course, there may be stuff we don’t know about yet.

Oh. I see.

Well, aside from the 50th Merch, and maybe a few novelty food items, not a lot is ONLY for the 50th from what we’ve seen. More like things are coming “on-line” during the 50th, such as GotG and Tron, but will remain beyond that.