What will APs look like in the future?

When/if APs return do you think they will be the same (cost, park hopping, free parking, etc.) or will WDW take this opportunity to devalue them somehow?

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Yes . . . and probably a few uninteresting ones as well!

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Any hint as to when AP’s will come back? Has Disney mentioned any kind of timeline?

I ask on chat every couple of days. No word yet according to the CMs I’ve chatted with on both the Disney site and the DVC site.


I’ve asked CMs and keep looking too. My DS/H APs expired and we now wish to purchase some for them. A CM told me that if we purchase a multi-day ticket and leave at least one day unused the purchase can be applied to the purchase of an AP when they become available. Universal is selling APs buy 12 months get 15; I wonder why WD isn’t selling APs right now?

My guess is because they know we’re desperate, so they can sell them for $$$$$ when they do reopen sales.

Can’t lie, they are right. When all this settles, the daily death count ceases, and there’s a semblance of normalcy in the new normal, probably one of the first things I do is plan a WDW trip!

May as well start robbing banks now, I suppose. 🤷🤦