What was your obsession before WDW?

I’ve just been watching a documentary about Las Vegas and it reminded me that — for a while — it was my go-to destination for a fun vacation.

But my primary obsession before I discovered WDW was Apple products. I would typically update all my Apple products every year. In the last year or two Apple has really cranked up the prices — not least because of the drop in value of the pound — and for the first time I started questioning whether I should be happy with what I already had. I guess the fact there were no more quantum leaps in what was being offered made their products less compelling.

But this all became moot when I discovered WDW. I went on my first major trip in August last year. Next week I go on my third. Next July I’m scheduled to go on my fourth — in just under two years.

What obsessions did you have before you started sending your pay checks directly to Disney?

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Figure skating. :ice_skate: I watched every competition on TV and went to several live events and shows. At some point a few years ago I lost most of my interest in it. Now I only watch a bit of the Olympics.


I am still very much obsessed with comics amigo. I used to spend a hefty sum on comics, nothing compared to Disney though… WDW has always been the most expensive thing on my to do list.

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Disney has been my thing since at least high school. I begged my parents and visited, maybe freshman year and then went on Spring Break my senior year with some friends. So, I guess my obsession before that was boy bands? I’ve loved television and movies and music, spent a fair amount of money on concerts. Spent a fair amount of time in LA stalking bands or actors.
I’m super excited about finally getting to see Hamilton, in NYC no less, next fall.
Not sure this answers your question or not, but I’ve had a lot of obsessions over the years.

Hmmm, let me think… Tom Hiddleston? Wait a minute…I’m still obsessed with him.

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Look at my name and guess, could it be fishing. I love fishing I’ve been fishing since I was a small boy. My grandfather was a commercial before I was born but the fishing died when they let other countries come and fish off the coast ( not my opinion that is what was told to me all my life.) I go to 2-3 fishing expos a year. I’ve fished up and down the east coast from the Gulf of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and even off the coast of South America. I have dreams of fishing in Alaska and going to a small island in the Adriatic Sea where my grandparents came from to go fishing. But when my wife asked me if I wanted a fishing trip for my 50 birthday I said I would rather go to Disney. A trip to Disney will also open a trip to see her family who live 30 min. from the gulf of Mexico so I can go fishing or my family in south FL so a trip to the keys to fish also works. My first trip to WDW I did bring a fishing pole and every afternoon while my parents and sister naped before going back to the parks I was fishing at Lake Buena Vista.


Extremely curious amigo, did you catch anything at Lake Buena Vista? What did you do with the caught fishie?

Yes I did lots of what I think were brim. Also I hooked several cat fish that broke my line. I did pull one in but I was fishing with a pocket fisherman (yes a Ron Popeil pocket fisherman.) This was back in 1984 when Disney had the Lake Buena Vista Resort. It was a long time ago but I think I used bread or dough for bait and I through the fish back. I only keep what I can use.

Apple products as well and it still is. I am working at an Apple Store now so that obsession is satisfied every day :slight_smile:

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Three questions:

  1. Do you get a discount at the Apple Store? If “yes” …

  2. Are you a non-UK EU citizen? If “yes” …

  3. Will you marry me?


I am not allowed to answer these questions :wink:


Genealogy, which still is a little bit, though I haven’t been on a trip in quite some time. Usually, I extend a trip anywhere near places to which I happen to be going, anyway. Unfortunately, I have no ancestry in Florida. Maybe I need to get to work on my husbands lineage…

I also tracked down the heirs to property in a 100 year old estate bequest, for a local non-profit. That took years, on and off. It was gratifying because they couldn’t afford to pay a pro, I think I really helped them out there. But that’s all legally settled now so not much to do now.

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There was a “before Disney”??

I can’t recall having an interest as strong as my Disney obsession but if I had to choose, it would be music. All types.


My other “obsessions” run concurrent with my WDW obsession. In 1995 I began listening to a certain rock band that’s somewhat well known for their passionate followers. In my early 20’s I was one such follower, going “on tour” so to speak. I still see them to this day but only when they come through my town.

Other obsession would be baseball. This last season I made it to 25 MLB games including 19 Brewers (3 playoffs!), 5 White Sox and one NY Mets. Also managed to make 3 minor league games as well. So attending MLB games and Disney can coexist as I have a long term plan to visit the Tampa Bay Ray’s stadium on a future WDW trip.

So I think that’s about it… well maybe not. I also travel to allot of National Parks sites but that obsession has decreased as the WDW one has increased.

I can’t remember back that far.

Maybe running? For several years I was really into that.

But never anything like Disney.

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Well, that is understandable! :sparkling_heart:

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The last time I was at DL the Angels were in town but DH is NOT a baseball fan so we didn’t go. :cry:

Well now I need to know what rock band it was! :wink:


me too, i’m wondering if we’ve ever been in the same place at the same time…places such as saratoga springs, ny, columbia, md, commerce city, co?

Fun fact, I used to skate competitively! Even went to nationals once. :joy::joy:

I rarely watch it and don’t even keep up anymore. Occasionally I’ll run into a few people from the good ole days, but with the new system, it’s just not the same!