What walking speed do TP use?

Can anyone on the inside tell me what values you use for the various waking speed options on the Plans? TIA

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I like to use the slowest one so that I have extra time throughout the day. That way I don’t worry about stopping for a Dole Whip or sitting and soaking in the atmosphere for a while when my youngest says his feet hurt.

It’s really a matter of personal style more than a right or wrong choice though. A solo adult can blaze through attractions one after another, while a large family might need more time to get from one place to the next. I tend to use TPs as a general game plan that helps me avoid the “what do we do next?” conversations, but other people feel more comfortable when every minute is planned. Some people like lots of items in their plan and are ok with dropping things if they get behind. Others plan only their must-do things and like to add stuff when they discover they are ahead of the plan.

I think the speed you want depends on the people in your group and your touring style. When I’m doing a park solo, and my objective is to do as much as I can in the time allowed (and I’m willing to “walk with purpose”) then I pick the fastest one. But with DH (and no kids) along, I pick the next one down. I agree with @SallyEppcot, lots of good points. Slower speeds help build in time for unplanned things (photos, meeting a character, bathroom break, treats, watching entertainment, and just taking time to really look around you).

To see the effect on a plan, make a copy and change the walking speed, then compare results.

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Are you asking for the mph the software uses once you have selected average, slow, and fast?

That’s how I read it. I was interested to have that answer.

Yes, I’m looking for the numerical value the software uses.

My mom is coming with us. I’m hoping to get her out for walks in preparation, and she’s goal oriented. If we have a number to work towards that would be great for her.

Sorry I misinterpreted your question. I gave a squishy humanities-type answer instead of a concrete science-type answer. :laughing: it’s a good thing lots of different people answer questions around here!

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Yes, it is good how many people are in here with all their ideas! Totally makes for the best forum. :slight_smile:

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Maybe @Lentesta can answer? Or @SteveBloom?

Can I just chime in . As the parks get busier during the day the crowds determine your walking speed more than anything. We found the walk ways around new fantasy land horrific esp at little mermaid area. Between groups standing chatting and strollers blocking the paths I strongly suggest slowest walking pace for your tp. Ak is the same even on low crowd days some parts are total bottle necks Sorry can’t answer the mph question.

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In the Epcot FP+ tier thread that just got bumped, Len mentions the following about walking speed:

“The assumption for the slowest speed is that it’s less than 2 miles per hour, IIRC. (Average is 3.1 mph.)”


Thank you!

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