What type of coffee filter(s) do I need

What type of coffee filter do the coffee makers in the Copper Creek villas at WL use?
And what type of coffee filter for AKL Kidani Villas?

I haven’t been to Copper Creek since it became Copper Creek, but Kidani had the same Mr. Coffee makers, with the flat-bottomed basket filters, that I’ve seen at all the other DVC resorts.

I agree with @BGK, all DVC villas (including studios) have the same type of coffee makers.

just so we’re clear, you know they include coffee in the rooms, right? You are not required to bring your own coffee and filters.

Depends how much coffee you drink, and also if you’ve booked on cash through Disney or either own or are renting points from a DVC owner.

What do you mean? There is coffee in the kitchen areas? And if you need more, you can just get the front desk to send some up.

Joffreys Pods

Or maybe one has a different coffee one likes better than the provided pods? Or one likes one’s coffee stronger than the amount in the pod makes it?

so the words “required to bring” is just lost, huh?

If you are a DVC owner, or renting points you will get a few servings of coffee.

But you won’t get mousekeeping each day, so you don’t get more coffee each day.

Technically if you ask for more they should charge you. Otherwise, if people just keep asking mosuekeepers for more, that cost simply gets added into the MFs. Same with towel laundering etc. They budget a certain amount; if the actual costs are higher, the MFs get adjusted at the end of the year.

I have stayed at both CC and Kidani in the last year. At both studios there were three days of coffee in the room at check in (refilled at CC on day 4). It is a coffee filter filled with enough Joffrey’s coffee to make a 6-8 pot of coffee. There is also powdered creamer and some sugars /artificial sweeteners (you can grab supplies at a QS). If you are bringing your own, you need basket type filters and ground coffee .