What topics are not discussed here?

Wondering if topics that are about ways in which to “work” the system to gain fast passes sooner, other hacks and such that are not allowed to be discussed on other boards, are they allowed here?

I don’t think it is against the rules? We have discussed most of them (leading reservations, sharing deluxe dining, change party function on old phones-, extra FPs with party tickets and dummy profiles- for example). We also talk about a lot of ways to save money.

I think not everyone will agree with everything (there was a discussion about renting a room or campsite the other day where people disagreed) but our general rule is that although we may say we disagree, we try to be respectful of every perspective.

I am pretty sure I know most of the work arounds. I will help others understand and use them if they want. I will also admit I have never used any of them.


Oh! If there is a topic you can’t find, let me know and I will link threads if I know where they are!

Are you familiar with the Backside of Magic podcast?


There have been many posts regarding these types of things. Those who disagree with the practices tend to just ignore them vice becoming judgmental.

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The single technique I think I just can’t stomach is abusing Disability Access Service passes. There’s a deals forum I’m part of that was discussing the new UK ticket deals and this guy kept chiming in with how you’re an idiot if you don’t fake a disability and use it. I let him know what I thought of people who’d do that…
It’s quite personal to us as my youngest son had emergency surgery while on holiday just before we got to DLP last time, and they were so amazing looking after us and giving us access, it just gets to me that it might be abused.
The issue seems quite US specific though, as there’s some law that you can’t ask about disability I believe? None of that in Paris, we needed signed doctor’s notes to get the DAS, even though he was wheelchair bound the entire trip.


@SimonUK You are correct. Legally they cannot ask for documentation for a disability.

I have DAS attached to my pass for both sides of the country and I only use it when I NEED it. I’ve gone an entire trip to WDW without using it once. But it’s nice to know I have it if I have an issue.

I have unstable joints and I get dizzy. Wheelchair/ECV tends to make the joints worse, and nothing other than sitting somewhere waiting for the FP time can really help with dizzy. I’m grateful Disney offers this, and even though they don’t require any documentation, I still carry some.

But that’s the one thing other guests abuse that really bugs me. I would give it up and wait in a line to NOT have these types of issues!!

But it’s all up to what you’re comfortable doing, as far as pushing limits.

I can’t help it, I’m such a rules girl!!