What to wear/ take to the Parks in March

Last time I went to WDW, I had two kids and a preschooler. This time I have two teens and a preteen. I also packed a bunch of stuff into a stroller last time. This time, I’d like to carry as little as possible into the parks.

But, we’re going to WDW for Spring Break, and I’ve heard the weather can turn off cool in the mornings and evenings, and I get colder than most people. Should I bring jackets for my family? If so, I’m wondering if my teenagers should carry their own small drawstring backpacks. Having them carry their own stuff will help me and my husband out, BUT that means there is a chance that they can accidentally leave their bags behind.

Have any of you visited the parks in March with teens and no stroller and have advice about what works for you?

Thank you!

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Hi. We go every year at the end of March and beginning of April. We never need sweatshirts and most of the trips it has been quite hot and humid. I occasionally will pack a very thin jacket in case the a/c is freezing cold in the restaurants. My kids are teens and I carry a backpack (with my DSLR camera and other things I might use) and my kids usually carry their own bags. My son takes a sports drawstring bag, my daughter a cute small backpack purse. They keep their own waters, money, ponchos if needed, and whatever else they want in the parks. This works great and all bags can go on all rides at WDW.

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Disney Parks also have lockers you can purchase but I basically agree with Wahoohokie. I and my wife go the last part of Feb. first part of Mar. We are seniors so at times it can get cool. During the day you roast or are just fine Remember to pack a rain coat of light material as it can rain buckets in a short period of time. You can buy them on site but they are spendy as all Disney items are and just a plastic pull over.

We have been mid-March twice and needed hoodies (with shorts and t’s) in mornings for RD. By noon though, it was plenty warm and we had stuffed the hoodies into a backpack. We are going end of March this year and planning to take. I do agree that it is a pain to need them only for a couple of hours and then have to lug them around all day.

Also, we found that swimming was fine in March in the daytime when the sun was out but that it got chilly (in the 60s) quick after sunset in March. Kids would swim at night but not me!

I was just thinking this same question this morning! Thanks for asking.

Yes, they definitely should be carting around their own stuff.

Excellent opportunity for a life lesson.


Ha! My kind of parent I just laughed out loud!!!

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I would go with regular small backpacks the draw strings can hurt if they get heavy. I would also use luggage tags on the back packs with first initial and last name along with a phone number. I use address labels on phones and cameras in case they get lost or left behind.

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