What to wear/pack

Our cruise is coming up and we can’t wait! Because we’re cruising first and then hitting WDW for 9 days, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed about packing for the entire trip. I tend to overpack and need to keep things simple this time, especially since we’ll be there during Christmas and will likely be heading home with extra purchases:)

We will be on the Disney Dream for 3 nights. I realize there are lists for this, but am hoping that someone will chime in who has been on the three night trip recently. Will there be one pirate night and one formal night? How “piratey” do people get? How dressy do people get, or maybe I should ask, how casual can we get away with?

We are a family of 3 and won’t be enjoying Palo or Remy; we’re just gonna do the the standard rotation.


You don’t need to take anything piratey if you don’t want - they give people bandanas etc. I took my Jack Sparrow hat and that was it. They don’t do the formal night (I don’t believe) and although I love wearing a suit (I know I’m weird) i think you only need it if you are eating in Palo / Remi (which is fantastic)

We did two wks in europe with two kids and we only had a carry one and small backpack each and it worked out fantastic. Take shorts / pants that are easy to wash (if needed) and just take a few pairs of jeans. Lay things out so you can re-wear if you need to without them smelling. Pair of fresh “undies” for each day and that is it.

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I think about 50% of people did anything pirate-y on our sailing in Feb 2015. My husband and I wore pirate costumes but were the only ones at our table. More kids wore a pirate t-shirt or something.

We were pretty casual. Jeans and a nice-ish shirt (or even plain t-shirt) for dinners.

That’s good news! I thought there might be a rule about no jeans. Sounds like I can wear jeans, a nice top, and sandals and be ok. Love that! Thank you.

I wore my “nice” jeans, really dark wash, no holes, etc.

People dress like slobs. It is an expensive cruise - you can and SHOULD wear something nice. People looked like a hot mess.