What to Wear- February

The ADRs are in the past, hard ticket event booked, Fast Passes made and we’re good to go.

What I need to worry about now is what to pack/wear. We’re going the first week of February (2-9) and I know enough that we need to plan for everything, but how much everything?! I’m really trying to keep our luggage down to carry on only but if that’s not reasonable for winter I’m willing to make whatever works, work.

So, what did/will you wear to the parks in winter? Anything that saved your trip that we can’t live without? What is the winter “must have” comparable to the hand-held misting fan of Summer? What did you bring that you found to be a waste of space?

We’re from the North East so as long as it’s not snowing we’re thrilled. (As long as it’s warmer than 65 the kid, and the husband, will swim.)

We were at Universal for four days first week of February this year. We brought shorts, several T-shirts, and hoodies, plus one extra pair of pants. (I wore one pair of pants on the drive down, so I had a grand total of two.)

Once we arrived, we never needed the pants. Temperatures were in the 70s and 80s the entire time. But, of course, had things gone a different way, we would have been ready!

We, of course, hate carrying anything into the parks these days, so as much as possible, I rely on cargo pockets rather than a fanny pack (which is my secondary choice). So, I bought a pair of cargo pants just for this trip that went unused! (I have several vacation pairs of cargo shorts that I did use.)

I suggest you not forgot sunblock, though. When daytime temps are warmer but not hot, you can forget that you still need to prevent sunburn!

I tend to carry a pair of lightweight tights/leggings with me, for once it gets dark. A temperature that’s fairly reasonable when the sun is shining can suddenly feel really cold once the sun goes away.

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