What To Watch On Disney+

If you enjoy food competition shows, ‘Foodtastic’ is enjoyable. Production wise, it’s campy and very Disney. (I tend to love campy Disney - i.e., CBJ, COP, HDDR.)

Final results of each show are pretty amazing.

What other recommendations for what to watch?


That sounds like fun. I don’t watch it frequently, but a lot of the nature documentaries are good. I think there is a “behind the scenes” series that’s been pretty popular. I still need to finish my Marvel watching. I got the GotG movies and stopped.

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The Imagineering Story was super good. I was sad when I finished it.

Behind the Attraction is good as well, although not quite on par with The Imagineering Story.


I enjoyed The World According To Jeff Goldblum. I’ve still to watch the second season.

I started the Will Smith National Geographic thing that I can’t remember the name of. It’s good so far.

Only Murders In The Building was very entertaining too.

I think the kids will enjoy Foodtastic. They both like watching Sugar Rush on Netflix. Looks similar.