What to pack

Heading down dec 7 to 14 And wondering what people pack in terms of clothes for this time of year. We usually go in August where the less clothes the better lol. I know the evenings cool down now so should I plan to have leggings for the evenings? Would I need a coat or should hoodies suffice. Thanks

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We went in January and most days we were fine with a jacker/hoodie/sweater in the morning and evening. The middle of the day was warmer. But one day, it was very cold and I wore my winter coat (which we wore onto the plane) and hats for all of us.

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It could be warmer but you should also have a hat and gloves.

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Summer travel = bring three things that are very small and light

Winter travel = bring your whole wardrobe because anything goes

Seriously, gotta pack a little of everything. I’d scope out the forecast right before you go but even so bring something for the extremes as well.



Our November forecast had the coldest days listed as highs of 68F. That turned into days with highs of 56F after we arrived. It was so stinking cold. I hate wearing layers (more laundry), but I’m going to suggest that.

It was so cold for us we wished we’d had winter coats!

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Remind us where you’re from?

I have been in January with record lows in the early morning and highs in the low 50s but this NH girl was comfortable in the day with a spirit jersey and a windbreaker. I had stretchy gloves as needed.

Coming from negative temps that 50+ degree swing felt nice.

I’m in Western NY. But happiest temperature is 85F. It was 30F when we left here.

My sister did have her winter coat and wore it to Epcot. The wind was biting at 8AM. We all had stretch gloves too.

I’m leaving tomorrow and will be taking shorts, a winter coat complete with hat and gloves, and everything in between!! We have some days with highs in the 80’s and some nights with lows in the 40’s. I’m very much a “better to have and not need, than need and not have” kinda gal :stuck_out_tongue:


I did a packable down jacket which helped with cold nights when we were there. I was also happy to have gloves


I just ordered long sleeve black waffle shirts to go under our MVMCP T-shirts lol.


Oh yeah, we definitely have long sleeve shirts to go under our t-shirts. And zippie hoodies to go over them!

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Our trip, last Dec was COLD. And we’re from MN, so we’re used to being cold. We still all wore our down winter jackets. Kids and DH were happy with just that, but I also wore gloves and a hat most days.

It was so weird to be in FL and wearing our winter gear… well, our light winter gear. :smiley:
On the other hand, we had a day or so that was so pleasant - maybe 70 and sunny. Now THAT is what we go to FL for in Dec.

I’m hoping for some warmth on our trip this March.


TP had a blog yesterday about this very thing. Planning and Packing for Winter Weather at Walt Disney World .


Best thing I packed for trip last week was cuddle duds long underwear shirt. Doesn’t take up much space and kept me warm at night

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In February we had temps ranging from low 40s to low 80s soooooo we packed it all. Well maybe not shorts. But swimsuits, pants, short sleeves, long sleeves, coats, gloves and hats. All the checked bags for sure. :laughing:

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I even packed the shorts!

I am having the same struggle! I really don’t want to mess with laundry either. It’s like packing for 3 weeks instead of 9 days in order to have it all covered.

First week of December 2017 it was hot. We wore shorts & tees every day with just a light jacket in AM and at night. It looks like it will be cooler this year if you believe the forecast though.


I have shorts for everyday too lol but now I have pants packed too. Today is the big day for you…how exciting…have an awesome trip :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! You too! You arrive the day we leave, and I’m not sure how active I’ll be here to say that later!

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