What to pack for you "Park Bag"

What are the must haves for your in-park bag? Especially if you have kids!!!

This is what I have picked up from all the lurking I have done here.

Towels (to dry off or use as a cover for some shade on a stroller)
Snacks (put them in Tupperware, someone had critters get into their
bag and chew stuff up while on a ride)
Water bottles
Printed TP
Frog Toggs (thank you again TashaM!)
Pacifier (if your child should have given them up, but hasn’t yet ;))
Change of clothes (for after splash pads or wet rides)
Hand sanitizer
Rain ponchos
Magic bands (until you put them on because
it’s really happening then people!)
Pins for trading
Any special sneaky stuff (like gems for Mickey’s Philharmagic)
Anything you mightneed to keep your youngin’ occupied while waiting for
breakfast/lunch/dinner to arrive in a restaurant

Whew, that’s a lot. Happy I’ll have a stroller.

That is a pretty comprehensive list. I would just add wipes for sticky hands. I always put rain ponchos, extra diapers and wipes, and changes of clothes in a bag or backpack that I leave in the stroller all day unless needed. Then I have a smaller bag that I take with me on rides, restaurants, etc.

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I love that you use the word lurking… Thanks for the great advice. I’m glad I have a stroller too… My back would hurt carrying this stuff around!

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If you’re packing a cooler bag, if there’s enough space I would suggest two ziplocs bag and a bunch of small (like baby-sized) washcloths.

When prepping, soak the washcloths in cold water, wring out until damp, and add to one ziploc bag. When you need a break from the heat, pull some out, wipe down with them (also, putting on on the back of the neck is a great way to cool down fast!), and return the used ones to the second ziploc bag.

Edited to add: or use something like Handi-Wipes instead of washcloths. They’re disposable, even.

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Rain gear, it cannot be said enough, and baggies for what you do not want to get wet, maybe flip flops for while it is raining so your sneakers and socks stay dry.

Autograph stuff, whatever you wish to have autographed, markers!!!

Gum if you like, you cannot buy it in Disney.
ADR time, where and confirmation numbers
Medicines if you need, maybe some Tylenol, Any other meds you like to keep handy.
Glo Sticks for night time
Mist fan if that’s you thing

If you have a stroller a cover for rain and make sure you secure it well, I have heard tales of them being taken.

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(lurking in this thread to take notes)

Anyone take a phone charger to the parks? Helpful lifesaver or just another annoyance? I have one I take to conventions, it carries 6 charges for my phone but is almost three times the size of the phone and kinda heavy. I’m planning to take my little one, which only charges the phone once but is much smaller, to the parks. I’m guessing I’ll want a ziploc bag to keep it in, though!

We’re pack light folks. The adults carry lanyards with some cash, credit cards, passes, and IDs; adults have phone and/or camera in pocket (in a ziploc bag depending on time of year); everyone wears MagicBands (adults and DD5)…and off we go.

Ya got me I forgot phone charger.

@mascardofamily I do not carry all of what I mentions, but brought up thoughts for what some may need for themselves and overlooked. I try and carry light, but I am mostly a solo traveler so I only have myself to blame for a heavy bag.

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Big Thick Sharpie markers for autographs. The regular size ones don’t fit well in the characters oversized hands.

Thanks for the tip! I will have to see where I can find bigger ones… I think mine are regular sized…

Try a craft store. I think I got mine at Michaels.

Will these work? They didn’t have sharpie brand, but these are thicker

Those should work great. You’ll probably get many thumbs up from the characters for making their job easier.

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