What to pack for Feb 14 - Feb 23rd trip

We are visiting from Feb 14 a Feb 23. Looks like the weather is going to be pleasant (low 80s during the day and 60s in the evening). This seems similar to the summers in Seattle. My son and I are shorts kind of a people and my wife is someone that gets cold easily. Is shorts okay for the temps the weather apps are forecasting? Should I pack mostly jeans? Thank you for the suggestions.

I have been watching the weather for WDW for the last week. Seems it has been in the middle 80’s all of last week. We go on March the 1st for 2 weeks and am hoping for a little warmth. Here where we live it has been below 0 for a month and that’s not including the wind which can bring it down to -35. I like to pack our suitcases light as I can for the trip to WDW. Usually wear jeans and a jacket on the plane. Why pack light? Because if you buy things at WDW you have to allow for the weight. (50lbs max). Once there, it is light pants or shorts and T shirts for the most part. Take a sweater or two for cool evenings and such. Don’t forget a light raincoat. Just a few idea’s. Oh yes, and a swimming suit and towel. :sunglasses:

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@vijaysv We live in Spokane, and would burn up in jeans with those temps. A sweatshirt for the morning and evenings might be necessary, but no jeans for you and son. Maybe one pair that you wear there. You wife may want some jeans, though you will find that 80 in Orlando is very different than 80 in Seattle. 80 in Seattle will often feel cool in the shade, in Orlando it will feel more like it does when it is 90 here in the West. The humidity makes a huge difference.


We were not planning to go to water park. I’m definitely kicking myself for not thinking of water park into our plan given the 80s temperature. I’m guessing your suggestion for swim wear and towel was for water park.

I am talking jeans and jacket for the flight there if you are flying. Once there it is a whole different story. Hot! The humidity should not be that much of a factor in Feb. Starting middle to late March it becomes more humid. About the swimming suit thing. First off you can add on the Water parks and more at any time. That aside, every resort has heated swimming pools so you don’t need a water park unless you would like a wave pool or slides. Floating down the water park river is nice too. If it is hot, water parks do get crowded early .:star_struck:

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Thank you!