What to Order?! :)

I am just curious to see what everyone favorite entrees are from the TS restaurants we are going to. There are no foods I don’t like so I am always so indecisive on what I want to order. I love all food lol.
Let me know if you have any favorites!
Be Our Guest
1900 Park Fare
50’s Prime Time
Teppan Edo
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Ohana is a pre set menu so you can try as little or as much of the offerings as you like. Same with Boma you can pretty much try it all.

I know 1900 is a buffet too. I just don’t want to skip over something that is amazing lol

We also want to meet up with family in DS and get something for lunch. Not sure where though? Suggestions?

BOG - I had the Braised Pork. It was to die for. And they have a house special wine there that was awesome (you can only get it at BOG) - a Cabernet Sauvignon that I don’t remember the name of. But it was awesome!!!


From my limited research of Disney Springs, I think that the casual Wolfgang Puck place gets consistently good reviews. Raglan Road is said to be excellent as well. I’m a sucker for BBQ, so I’d check out The Smokehouse.

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I had the Ratatouille at BOG and loved it. I believe DH had the braised pork and loved it.
My parents got some sampler w/ meatloaf etc…at 50’s prime time and said it was delish.

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Second or third the braised pork at Be Our Guest. It was very good.

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Is your BOG lunch or dinner? I agree with the pork for lunch but I enjoy the shrimp/scallops for dinner and my son loves the pork chop.

At 50’s I love the fried chicken.

For Disney Springs are you looking for TS or CS? Lunch or Dinner? For CS I agree with Wolfgang Puck Express (maketplace) but I am looking forward to trying Blaze Pizza or D-Luxe Burger. For dinner I live Raglan Road but I am looking forward to trying Homecoming. I did enjoy Morimoto’s lunch special too.

Boma - Buffet. I generally found the soups nd salads to be better than the entrees. Zebra Domes for dessert are pretty tasty. But I’m generally not a fan of buffets, and as the food wasn’t “great”, it was a one and done for me.

50s - For me it’s all about the fried chicken; some of the best that I’ve had, and I live in the South.

Teppan Edo - There is a great similarity in what comes off the teppan.; really just depends on which protein you like the best and how much you are willing to pay (filet mignon is my favorite, and it’s even better with the lobster tail add-on - but that’s going to put you in the $60 range…)

BOG - only had lunch there and the sandwich I had was not much better than the pre-made ones that come out of a convenience store refrigerator cabinet. Dinner is supposed to be better.

I haven’t been to Ohana or 1900.

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Everything is for dinner except for DS lunch. Not sure what we are looking for. Probably a nice QS or a reasonable TS.

Then i would look at any of the QS or maybe the quick service windowat Morimoto. Morimoto’s lunch special is $26 per person and it is a lot of food but at the end of the day you could feed 2-3 people for that at Blaze or WPE.

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Raglan Road is my go-to in DS. However, Blaze, Frontera, and Homecoming (all TSs, but “Disney” reasonable) are all getting excellent reviews. D-luxe Burgers (QS) also gets very good comments. And of course the two Liner QS favorites: Earl of Sandwich and Wolfgang Puck Express.


At BOG I have to also recommend the braised pork. At 1900 Park Fare, I love the strawberry soup, and if they have it on the buffet, the butternut squash soup is incredible. I’ve not eaten at the other places, so I can’t recommend anywhere else. Enjoy your trip and meals!

A cheaper alternative to Boma is the quick service place, sorry! I don’t remember the name, on the lowest level by the pool. You can get many of the dishes that are interesting for much cheaper prices.

The Mara is the AKL QS. Was very good when we ate there. And they have Zebra Domes which are the best…

Thank you! Yes, The Mara. They have had the Zebra Domes and the tasty soups, stews and salads like at Boma.

I absolutely loved the meatloaf at 50’s, and my daughter had and loved the Chicken Pot Pie. (The chocolate milkshake was very good too!)