What to expect from a Disney travel agent?

Hi all! I was wondering if somebody with travel agent experience can tell me what to expect from them. I have to book my fastpasses in 2 weeks and haven’t receive any news since I chased him 1 month ago and told me it was too soon … Are they supposed to help me with FP selection and advice Ron touring plans?

I’m not sure you would want your TA to book your fast passes. I would think that is something you handle as it can change on the fly. I would be ready to book your fast passes through Disney’s site and the My Disney Experience app when your window opens. If you don’t get the rides you want from the start, keep checking independently as they will often update all the way up to the day you’re there.

In general for TAs, my experience was the term “Trust, but Verify” was the best way to go. She worked up a plan, I dissected it using Disney’s website (and obviously the information found here), and then suggested or asked for changes if needed. Working with my TA ended up saving me a ton of money but I had to do a lot of legwork on my own. Had I let her go without any input from me, I wouldn’t have saved any money as I wasn’t eligible for any discounts based on the parameters of my trip. After she let me know that I was outta luck, I tinkered around Disney’s site and realized I had to get fancy with the booking and then let her know the method that allowed me to be eligible for a room discount. She happily adjusted my trip and then showed me how to save more money with how I utilized my tickets.

All in all, a good experience, but it was a tad stressful.

I was so glad we had a Travel Agent. We had to reschedual due to Hurricane Irma. During the rescheduling process he was indispensable.

@Randall1028 @Cory.Rood thank you for your replies!!! but they mainly help you with your hotel reservations, right? You should not expect any advice on touring or fastpass suggestions right? Something above the pure booking of ADR, Hotel and FP

@Cory.Rood by the way, I’m glad you could reschedule, have a safe trip!!!

Yeah, they mainly square away your hotel reservations and ticket purchases really. I believe anything beyond that comes down to just how motivated your TA is to plan your trip?

They will, of course, offer advice on anything you ask, though. TAs lot like everyone on this forum, we love to share our trip experience and hope it will help others. But anything like itinerary planning and scheduling will be ultimately up to you, I believe.

I could be wrong, I’ve only used a TA once so far and there might be others that do a whole lot more than what mine did.

I’ve definitely heard of TAs booking ADRs and FPs but I’m not sure it’s the norm. I’d personally rather have control over it. If your TA is booking for 5 people with the same arrival date, you’d do it quicker yourself.

I had my TA book fastpasses because I had to be in a meeting. I did give her my general touring plan and what I wanted as far as which rides and which times. she got me everything I wanted.

My TA booked my ADR’s but I sent a clear list of what I wanted and backup plans.

When it came to FP’s, she said she WOULD if I wanted her to, but recommended I do them myself since I knew more what would work with my schedule/plans. It was very easy and not a problem at all, but she would’ve done them if I’d insisted.

Travel Agents are like any other profession - you have the good and the bad. I think that one of the things you need to get a handle on is “what Exactly ARE you going to do for me?” I have a friend who is a Disney-centric travel agent and she does EVERYTHING, Reservations, FP, Meal, etc - everything and she stays on top of it. Others not so good. If you have to chase this person - they aren’t worth it and I would do it myself.

I only want a TA to book a room at a discount for me but I know many that are willing to book dining and Fast Passes and create touring plans .

I was getting crazy as I have read in some blogs that they were super useful for busy people and will tell you exactly what to do!!

In any case, I’m not needing him a lot… I have to thank you all as you are helping me so much in my “study " phase”, and I’m enjoying it actually!! It’s great to have such an amazing forum!!

Many of us enjoy the planning. If you need help, or an opinion on something- just ask. Well… most likely you will get lots of opinions even if you don’t ask :wink:


My TA booked my room/package, re-booked and got me free dining when it came out, re-booked my WL room when a discount became available, got EVERY ADR I wanted at the times I wanted, answers every question I text her, and booked all my FP at times I wanted. She’s super awesome. This was my first time using a TA after I’d booked three previous trips without. I will never book a trip without her every again.

Can’t believe it! He booked my package (from dec 2 until dec 9) in the Polynesian like 9 months ago and I haven’t been eligible for any offer (apparently they were too limited), he told me that making changes will put in risk my reservation (I was flexible from november 15 until December 15), he was on holidays for my ADR and told us that another agent will do it (so I did it myself as I was worried that the new guy would have too many people) and I have my FPD in 2 weeks and haven’t heard about him!
I guess I just had bad luck!
In any case, it’s being super expensive but, on ADR, touring and FP, I prefer to ask you!!! :wink: so I guess I have come out in top!

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Could you please put in a shameless plug for this wonderful person?!? I’d love to find a TA like that!

I almost hate to share her. Ha! She is in KY. I use Amanda Wilding with Fairytale Journeys by Amanda. She has a facebook page. I love that I’m asleep while she is up and doing my work for me. She understands my Disney obsession and uber planning. I have other friends that have used her for first trips and she guides them through the whole process with suggestions for kids their age, things to do, recommending dining and fastpasses for ages. She is so, so awesome.I work for a school system and we all use her. We’ve all gotten every ADR and FP that we wanted. She truly is magical. I don’t know how she does it.

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Thanks so much! She sounds amazing.

Yeah, same here…

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What you can expect will vary widely from agent to agent. It should be spelled out pretty clearly from the outset what you want from them. Some strictly book. Others are full service and will do everything from soup to nuts. Still others will customize there level of service to your needs and preferences.

I would ask the TA you are working with if you can expect them to book the fastpasses or if he will leave that to you.

Regardless of these specifics, any travel agent worth working with will be responsive to all of your inquiries in a timely fashion.


yep… found this out the HARD way!

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