What to eat on MVMCP day? Help!

I’m trying to figure out if I have done all I can or what else we can do on our MVMCP day . We have ADR for 1900 pre MVMCP. The only time I could get was 1130. Figure this would allow for easygoing morning with sleeping in etc . I was planning on not using a park ticket that day so entering MK at 4pm. Here is where I run into problems. I’m thinking we would not really be hungry BEFORE entering to allow us to eat somewhere outside park. If we eat inside I guess it should be early right? But where?? I’m thinking of maybe Liberty Tree . Anyone been to Skipper Canteen with kids? How is it? Did little kids (6/8) like it? Help if you can

I do like Skipper Canteen, and the kids did find things to eat. We went there twice on our last trip, even.

That said, I would not do a TS meal during party time… I’m not a huge QS fan in general, but on a party day I prefer getting a flatbread from Pinnochio’s or a turkey leg. It just takes up a big chunk of time trying to have a sit down meal, and you’re paying a premium price for that time so to me it’s not worth it.

Since your trip is a few months away still, I would periodically check to see if a slightly later reservation comes open. 2:00 sounds like a good time to be able to eat, monorail over to MK and get into the party by 4:00.

I agree with @Nikkipoooo in that it is a waste of valuable party time to do a TS meal, especially if you have not been in a park all day and therefore do not a break. I would use the TP Reservation Finder to auto-search for a later meal time at a monorail resort restaurant.

We got a 2:00 reservation at a restaurant on the monorail, so we will not waste time eating during the party.