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After DCL released fall 2021 itineraries I now have to make a decision.

We are currently booked for 8 nights at All Star Sports and a four night Bahamian Cruise after that in September 2021 (Option 1). Everything can be canceled without penalties.

Option 2 now is a Transatlantic Cruise from Dover to New York and than a few days in NYC.

Option 1 seems to be more expensive, but we don‘t know the price for the cruise yet. At least Dover is pretty convenient as we are from Germany.

We‘ve been to WDW a few times, but it would be our first cruise. Would a Transatlantic cruise be „too much“ as a first timer? I imagine seven days at sea as pretty relaxing.

Any thoughts on how to make this decision?

How do you feel about the heat (Disney is September). I have done the 4 night on the Dream. It was fun and Castaway Cay was fun.

Have you been to Disney World before?

I will be honest, the Florida Disney/cruise Trip during hurricane season, when you are traveling so far, makes me very nervous.


The thing about cruises is you either love it or hate it. If it is your first cruise, I would pick option 1 just to see how you enjoy being on a ship.

This is especially true for transatlantic cruises when you have several consecutive sea days.

Have you been to NYC before? If this is a new destination for you, it is forth exploring.

Well, now I am contradicting myself :slightly_smiling_face:
It is hard to give advice as everyone’s travel preferences are so different.


I would agree here.

For ME, this is hands down no questions asked an Option 2 choice. Dover AND NYC?! Plus transatlantic cruising? YES PLEASE! But I have been on a bunch of cruises and have a deep love affair with the ocean. A transatlantic is a bucketlist item for me, Ireland (swoon) and NYC is a favorite (also swoon).

But for a first timer I would go the other way for sure. It would stink to find you aren’t enjoying yourself when you’re stuck in the m iddle of the ocean!


Hands down I would prefer the TA with day after day of ship time. But if you decide cruising isn’t your thing, you could feel trapped. (I also will get tomatoes for this, but the DCL ships don’t have as many bells and whistles as other lines and that may also cause you to feel like that is too many days.) What is your travel party?

If option 2 is cheaper and you are the kind of traveler that turns even “bad” days into fun, I wouldn’t rule it out. But if you are even slightly concerned about cruising, it is a hard way to find that out.

Hurricane season is something I haven thought about yet. The heat is something I am afraid off. We have been in February and November and everything was fine, but September is hotter and more humid, isn‘t it?

My resort/cruise stay was last August. I have been to wdw in August and September and the heat and humidity has been similar. The sun is very, very strong.


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I did. :+1:
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The Disney Cruise Line Blog Podcast released a podcast this week. It talks about how unusual that transatlantic crossing itinerary is.

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I do not have know how to listen to a podcast. Are they saying interesting in an intriguing way?

It just talks about a couple of new stops and then instead of the usual Canadian port it has a stop in Bermuda .

This might be a direct link