What to do?

The MVT discounts are out and may change our plans…we have been planning on staying at the a Contemporary (Garden Wing, standard view). However, there is no discount being offered. DH is feeling like the discount at WL is significant enough, that we should stay there (also standard view). It’s about $1200 difference. Is the convenience of staying at the Contemporary worth it?
I’ve read a little bit about WL and am wondering if it’s that much nicer than say Port Orleans French Quarter or another moderate?
The only places we’ve stayed are Riverside & YC. We were kind of hoping to try something new. What would you do? Keep the Contemporary reservation? Switch to WL?

I would switch to WL as fast as I could! The boat to MK is as fast as the walk from CR. If you like to take the monorail to EP, just hop the boat to CR.


I agree with @PT, WL is great, boats are nice, and I’d really like $1200 less too.


WL is MUCH nicer than any of the mods.

We’re staying at WL in November and stayed at POR last year and without even staying there I feel like I could say that WL would be nicer! POR was great, but I’m so excited for WL!

Thanks all, going to go for it.
You ever have a really hard, traumatic day, that makes it difficult to make decisions? Yeah, that was yesterday. But, feeling much better after sleep and this really is a no-brainer. I’m thinking about the extras I can schedule with $1200! Lol! Pretty sure my husband would rather just not spend it :joy:, while it was budgeted for, I’m sure we can put it to better use.