What to do with our stuff?

We are starting with a few days at Universal (staying on property) and then moving to a DW resort for the rest of our trip. We will have a rental car for the first half of our trip and we are going to Discovery Cove on our hotel switch day. What should we do with our luggage? Leave it at our US hotel and go back to pick it up after DC? Leave it in the car at DC (is it secure?)? Get up early and bring it to the DW hotel before we go to DC? Just trying to figure out logistics!

This is the option that I would go for. At least then you know that it is safe.

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We do split stays all the time, and always put everything in the trunk of the rental when moving. We have never had an issue. I wouldn’t leave your things out and visible necessarily, but in the trunk works perfectly.


That’s what I’d do too.