What to do with late EMH

So I’m normally a bright-eyed bushy tailed RD kind of girl, but the EMH until 2AM on 7/3 is throwing me for a loop.

DH will be playing golf in the morning, and original plan was to arrive for opening and stay through the night with DH joining me around 3 or 4.

Now with the late EMH, I’m second guessing…should I arrive mid morning and start with fastpasses…missing out on the early start low lines? Will the EMH give low lines? Anyone done the late hours around holidays?

I still have young kids, so i always ignore the late emh. If my kids were older it would depend on the plans for the next day. 2am close would mean 3am asleep. How many hours of sleep do you need to be ready for the day?

We are already planning resort day for the 7/4 - plan on laying at the pool all day with the only commitment being dinner at CG for fireworks. That’s the only reason I think I might be able to convince DH.

Not done late emh on holidays, but have done 2am finishes before and really enjoyed them, we usually get to MK around. 6 with 3 Fastpasses booked. Crowds start to get low around 12 -12:30 and then most rides are less than 10 mins wait. Of course could be different on 3 July - but will be there and will see how it goes…

So that’s kind of what I’m thinking - arrive around lunch time (I can do 12-14 hours without a problem) and use FPP as much as I can, and stay through the night. Historically capacity has not been an issue - but can easily keep an eye on that and change plans if needed.