What to do with 2.5 hours free post-checkout pre-departure?

I need to figure out what to do between the end of our Ohana character breakfast that starts at 10:40 (so ending 11:45ish I assume) and about 2:30 departure tomorrow. We will have already checked out of our hotel (staying offsite).

I was thinking we’d take monorail to see gingerbread house at GF, but that wouldn’t kill the full 2.5ish hours. Is going to Animal Kingdom Lodge to see the animals possible/easy from the common spaces? Will they let us park for an hour or so if we don’t have dining reservations?

Anyone got any fun ideas?

A full monorail resort tour to check out all the decorations, etc. should easily fill up the time. If you are particularly quick, you could also take the boat over to WL and check it out as well.


If your group is interested, you could also go play Mini Golf. Fantasia Gardens is over by the Swan, and Winter Summerland is co-located with Blizzard Beach.

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I think getting to AKL and back would be way too time consuming.

I would stick to your monorail plan. And as suggested, add a stop at WL. You’ve gotta see that tree!!!

I agree with the monorail tour and then when you arrive back at the Poly you can grab a dole whip, wave to the castle and head home. It’s usually what we do and we are bummed that this time around we go to O’hana , check out and then have to leave right away

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Just from our experience 'Ohana seems to run behind with ADRs. We have typically waited 30-60 minutes to be seated. But that still give you time to tour the monorails resorts.

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I like to use departure day to sob uncontrollably. That easily takes 2.5 hours.