What to do while I wait for BG/park opening?

Say I have to be there at 7:40 so that way at 8am I can get a BG and say the park opens at 9am, what in the world do you do for all the time? Am I allowed to bring in some outside food and have breakfast? Or is there a place that isn’t crazy busy to pick up hot chocolates and some fruit? Do they let us move the line so we are at least closer to Slinky Dog or whatever ride we want to go on?

I can’t imagine hanging out there with NOTHING to do.

Is my timing event correct?


You should probably line up for whatever ride you want to rope drop. So if you want to do Slinky 1st you should head toward toy story land until you meet the crowd. Also if you want to be the front of the pack you should get to the park much earlier than 30 minutes before.

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BG aren’t distributed until park open. So if the park opens at 9am that’s when the BG lottery starts. Currently, If you want to RD SDD then you will need to get to the gates at least 75 minutes early. (This my change if MMRR is a huge hit and pulls people away from TSL at RD.)

You can bring outside food and drink to the parks. No coolers or loose ice.

While there are places to eat, they will be busy.

Currently, and this will definitely change starting tomorrow with MMRR opening, they take you up Hollywood Blvd and you go left for SW:GE - but not entering it. For TSL they take you to the right and depending on the crowd they may hold the crowd just inside TSL.

Keep watching for the next couple of weeks to see how RD procedures change with MMRR opening.

(I assume they’ll still walk ppl over to SW:GE, but the TSL crowd is going to be interesting since the Theatre / MMRR show building is so close to the entrance path to that Land.)

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So while in line can we sit on the ground and eat if no one is going anywhere?

We always bring grab and go breakfast to Rope Drop. I don’t normally sit on the ground but I’ve seen others do it.

If it is 8AM opening and BGs, 7:40 will be cutting it close to get in the park. Make sure you allow 30 minutes to get through security and through the taps.

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Yes. However, be aware that if the crowd begins to move people will step over you to get closer to the front. Sadly, the mob mentality takes over and people typically will not give you the courtesy of taking a moment to stand up before they proceed forward.