What to do when not everyone is staying on property?

Hello, I am very new to this discussion board. My family is going to WDW in September and I overlooked a very KEY detail. It is myself, husband, and 5 children plus my mom (grandma). We are staying on property but Grandma is not. I planned allllll my touring plans around using the “extra extra magic hours” since all the parks have them except Epcot while we are there. Then it occurred to me that Grandma can’t get in that early! So my question is…is Grandma allowed to enter the park but not ride anything or does she have to completely stay out of the park until regular opening? Can anyone tell me what this might look like and/or anything we can do to fix my oversight?? :-/

She would have to scan her band to get in so, no, she would not have access to EMH or the parks. She can stay on Main Street in MK. I’m not sure where they hold people in other parks,

Where are you staying? Could she be added to your reservation?

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U could rent her a campsite…

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This is the best suggestion.

Unless you have two little ones and are squeezing into one room of course. But if you have more than one room, you could add her to the reservation. It doesn’t mean she has to sleep there, but it would give her a magic band and let her come in with you.


We have a six person suite (the fifth kid is a baby) so we are maxed out unfortunately. We are going on the free dining plan so changing reservations is not an option either. :frowning:

We have definitely considered it…

Another possibility is if you could find her a single room on property. I’m assuming that she is staying off site because cost is an issue, but she might be able to stay in one of the values for not too much more than she is paying off-site. Or else you can just explain the situation; you and your family do the EEMH and then meet up with DGM after she clears the gate.

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If you do go the separate reservation route, you can book it every other day to save half the costs. Still very far from ideal.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We ended up booking her a campsite for the night between AK and HS, the days when we think we will be most affected by EMH. Hopefully that does the trick. :slight_smile: On MK days, she can hang out on Main Street with a cup of coffee…the calm before the storm. :wink: