What to do, what to do

Ugh, I completely forgot/didn’t realize I was in my ADR window and didn’t make anything yet other than BOG (which I finally remembered this morning), and actually got PPO breakfasts every day during my time. Very weird, but yay! Anywho, not that I’ll be in MK every morning, but it gives me flexibility to move it around as needed.

So now it’s kinda a determination of what I want to do now…which, if I’m honest, I have no idea. My enthusiasm certainly isn’t there for this trip and the only reason to form a plan right now is just to make sure I’m not left paying a crap load of money to just walk the grounds.

Aside from the Festival at Epcot, any suggestions of what I should do? I pretty much got it all last year, I am having a tough time coming up with things I missed.

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Are you looking for something new ? Artist Point may be hard to get, but could be fun?

Um, you know what? I don’t even know. I guess “new” is probably what I’m after, but that’d be a tall order to ask you guys “hey! What haven’t I done yet!? Tell me!!” Hahah. Artist point is now a character meal right? I think I am going to avoid those for a while.

I think what I’m after is actually what you folks’ favorite things to do?

Then my favorite is to get a table, later at night, and sit- eat and listen to the music.


I guess it would depend on the individual, but I wouldn’t dismiss the pinball touring method out of hand. It’s not something I’d recommend for a first-timer or a once-in-a-life-timer. And if you’re talking about a peak attendance period you can probably stop reading here. But caveats aside, for a Disney veteran who knows what he or she likes and doesn’t, bouncing about without a plan and according to the flow of that day’s crowd can be a low stress way to enjoy the park. If you miss something there will always be next time.


Maybe Dine with an animal specialist or imagineer? It would let you participate in the conversation if you want to but have others to carry it if you don’t or WAT because the physical part might be a nice distraction. Thinking of you!


Or a backstage tour! These are great ideas @Sandyh


I’ve only done shortish trips so I always feel like there is more to do! So I’ll list a combination of favorite things and things I wish I had done to see if it gives you any ideas.

DS: Morimoto, Reglan Road during performance, the Mickey S’more at the Ganachery, and Rice Krispy Treats at Goofy’s. Also, I would make sure to get by the Vera Bradly store to get my hipster (the family tired out on me). Cake Decorating at Amorette’s.

MK: Skipper’s Canteen
EP: Via Napoli, Margaritas at Le Cava! Fish and Chips, QS at Sunshine Seasons, Garden Grill PPO, chilling out at Katsura Grill, Desserts around the World
HS: Sci Fi and Hollywood Brown Derby
AK: Nomad Lounge, Lunch and Entertainment at Harambe Market

Resorts: Lunch at Sanaa - when it opens so you can get a window view, Beignets at POFQ, HDDR, Chip and Dale Campfire, Breakfast at Whispering Canyon, Diner and fireworks at the Wave, Sebastian’s at CBR, Fried Chicken at Olivia’s, 1900’s Park Fare, Beaches and Cream, Nighttime at the Boardwalk.

Okay, so I need a 44 day trip to get all of that done. A girl can dream. But hopefully that gives you some ideas!


I think for me, it would be good to have a plan going in. When depression hits me, I struggle to make decisions, but if I have a plan to follow in place, that helps.
There are so many wonderful signature dining experiences available. I’d agree with the ones already mentioned, but would add California Grill (during fireworks might be nice), Jiko, all of the World Showcase restaurants (personally we return to Spice Road Table & Rose &Crown). I’d pick things you weren’t able to do with your mom & maybe include 1 or 2 things your mom loved. That way you’re celebrating her without being stuck in your sorrow. You can always cancel as the mood hits you at the time.


Try trails wnd at fy wilderness or hoop de do if it is still there.

Maybe sanaa or boma.

Lot of good reviews for tiffins

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