What to do on last day questions

So on our last day, we have to check out by 11:00 am but the plane doesn’t leave until 7:15 pm. So swimming may be out due to no showers after 11:00. So say we go catch a movie and do Downtown Disney or something. Where and how do we need to be to catch our Magic Bus back to the airport? Do we need to catch it back from the hotel? Makes sense because of lugge right? Any other options?

If you are staying on site, there should be showers/changing rooms by the pool that you can use.

You will need to catch Magical Express back from your hotel.

For things to do: DTD is good! Or a self-guided tour of the monorail resorts. The Disney Food Blog has a post about a monorail resort cupcake crawl that could be fun. You might also enjoy exploring the Epcot resorts. You can walk from the Beach Club to the Yacht Club to the Boardwalk and check those out. There are two mini-golf courses on property, if that sort of things appeals.


Where are you staying?
I think there are locker rooms (showers, etc.) by all pools.
You can grab lunch at nearby resorts and check out their activities? On our last day, we got a late breakfast at Animal Kingdom Lodge (we were staying at BLT) and walked around the resort looking at the animals.

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Ah yes! Mini-Golf, I have 2 passes for those with my package, great idea!

We are at the Caribbean Beach. Would they have showers at the pool?

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Yes, they would have showers. You can also go hang out around the Boardwalk area!

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Why not extend your tickets by 1 day and go to a park? The incremental cost of adding another day is quite low. In the morning use the Resort Airline Check-in Service for your bags, so when you get back to the resort in the afternoon all you have to do is board the DME.


I second the plan to do an extra day in the park. I am in the same situation. My flight leaves at 6:00 p.m. I checked into it and it was only $10 extra per person to add another day park ticket. So worth it. I plan on letting my kids pick a favorite park to go back to. Even if we only go for 3-4 hours, I think it was worth $10.

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Ohhh cupcake crawl. That sounds interesting

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Adding a day at the park is not bad. I too have a late flight hom 8 something. May very well visit the mk trying to blonk out the pixie dust.

I really love having our last day be spent mostly by the pool. I deliberately book the latest flight out so that we can have a relaxing departure day. It does make packing a bit tricky since you won’t have access to your checked bags and you will need to figure out what to do with things like bottle of sunblock that can’t go through security, as well as wet bathing suits.

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You could always check a last bag at the airport.