What to do in Salt Lake City

This isn’t pertaining to theme parks, but I trust you guys. :slight_smile:

I’m going on a business trip in 6 weeks to Salt Lake City. I’ll have Monday morning/early afternoon, Tuesday after 5pm, and Thursday morning open. So, what are the things I HAVE to see/do there? Thanks for any suggestions!

We drove out to Great Salt Lake. Syracuse, UT I believe. It’s gorgeous.

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I’m from Utah originally and there is so much to do in the state, but a lot of it is outdoors and not close to Salt Lake! However, there are a few cool things to see downtown.

  • Temple Square: This is the only “must do.” It’s a beautiful area to just walk around and see the different buildings, but in particular you may want to go inside the Tabernacle (where they often have organ recitals or even choir rehearsals and other small group performances throughout the day) as well as tour the 20,000-seat Conference Center. There are free tours in most of the buildings on the square.
    • Note: You will almost certainly run into missionaries but if you don’t want to talk to them, you can politely tell them you’re not interested and they will leave you alone. :slightly_smiling_face:
    • If you are there after Thanksgiving, make sure to see the Christmas lights in the evening.
  • City Creek shopping center: a beautifully curated indoor / outdoor shopping area across the street from Temple Square. Lots of shopping and dining.
  • Park City: About 40 min from SLC, but lots to do there if you can make it. If you make it, the Olympic park is really cool. There’s lots of shopping, dining, and bars downtown.
  • Great Salt Lake - never been just to look, but sounds like @qwerty6 enjoyed it.
  • There is an amusement park called Lagoon about 30 min north of SLC that is open nights and weekends in October if you are there then.

Here’s a list article with some other ideas:


If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Jeff! This is a great help to start!

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We were just there for a 2 night stopover on our way to some National Parks. We visited the recreation of the house from UP in Herriman Utah. 13218 Herriman Rose Blvd in Herriman. We went there for a quick stop to snap some photos. Can’t go inside but was a nice stop for UP fans. Also you can have a meal at the Red Iguana if you enjoy mexican food. In June the Tabernacle Choir practiced Thursday evenings and it was free for the public to watch…in case your Thursday evening opens up.