What to do in line with 4 year old?

Hey y’all. What are some recommendations of things to do to keep an almost 5 year old occupied while in lines? I think the max line we could wait in would be 45 min. I know some lines are interactive like Pooh but from what I remember lines line Frozen are not. What are some tips? We don’t want to just give him an iPad or phone. Thanks y’all!! :slight_smile:

We like to play I Spy with our kids (even at restaurants). When we get sick of that, my DS4 loves animals (and specifically the show “Wild Kratts” on PBS), we play an animal guessing game.

I’m thinking of an animal that lives in North America, and is a land animal. It lives on the farm and eats grass.

Guess: Cow

My kids like thinking of different animals to stump us with.


Do you have an Alexa? There’s a fun game that can be enabled called Animal Letters - you play against the AI and try to think of as many animals that begin with a certain letter. Your kiddos may like that.

It’s also a good game to play in line without the tech.

We do not use Alexa! But we do play a similar game - we start with A and everyone thinks of an animal that starts with A. And move through the alphabet.

Sometimes we switch it up with food or toys or characters, etc. that’s a good reminder @MediumHero7


The play disney app has some cute games that you guys could play together.


snacks. popcorn lasts for a while :smile:


Great ideas!! My son loves that show too!

We don’t but fun game without it too. Thanks for the idea

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That’s true. My LO loves popcorn so that could work!!

Honestly I didn’t at that age. When I went in 2019 with FPP most we waited was 25 minutes. Even now, 30 is my limit. I do recommend G+ and just not so anything with a long line. We don’t want to do the super headliners anyway and a 4yo can’t anyway.