What to do if I can't get FOP on 60+2?

When I originally mapped out our days in the parks, the Dibb website made it seem like getting a FOP fast pass at 60+2 was reasonable. Now it seems like 60+4 is a stretch. I’m wondering if I should switch our Epcot morning to 60+2 and our AK morning to 60+5 (our last day with theme park tickets). Doing this would mean we’d be at AK for those ungodly 7am EMH starts, after doing a 7am EMH start in MK the day before. Should I make that swap as our back up if I can’t get FOP at 60+2 (which I’m guessing I won’t be able to do?) Should I just take Navi River on 60+2 instead and keeping looking for FOP? I am signed up for the FPP4me program, so that gives me a touch more hope. Also, I’m trying to see the silver lining of touring earlier means getting to our afternoon break earlier and not touring as much during the heat of the day.

TIA for your wisdom!!!

I think FOP is the best attraction anywhere, so I would make AK my 60+5 day. If you had a FPP for it, you don’t have to be there for 7 am opening. If you are a “must rope drop” person, then I would RD FOP AND use a FPP on 60+5. I bet on 7 am opening, the RD wait won’t be bad.

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In my case, 60+5 was a stretch for getting this. The only time I could get was 7:10pm and since we have a Cali Grill reservation at 7 we will be skipping FOP this trip…maybe we’ll be able to walk on :slight_smile:

At this point, 60+2 looks like a long shot for FOP. Earlier this summer, it appeared FOP was getting to be an easier FP and available earlier, but for whatever reason, it doesn’t look that way recently. If it were me, I would switch FOP to 60+5 (and even then be prepared the possibility of having an afternoon or evening FP for FOP).

I’d take Navi and try to change it to FOP at a drop time (11.01, 1.01, 3.01, 5.01) or just try to get FOP as a 4th at a drop time if you want to use the Navi FP.

Depending on your stamina and plans, you could also do FOP at RD (arriving an hour before park opening) or get in line 10 mins before park closing.