What to do at DHS rope drop?

Interesting. We did HS EMM on 12/7 and we were on SDD by 7:25 am, and they did not let the rope drop crowds in until 9am. I was surprised, kept watching to see when the masses would arrive. Between 7:25 and 9 we rode SDD 9 times (once in every row), Alien x2, TSMM x1, met Woody, Jessie and Buzz, used the facilities, and took pictures all over TSL. We went to breakfast after. I don’t think they should let the crowds in before 9 on EMM days, 15 minutes is 3-4 rides on SDD. We timed it towards the end, it was literally 4 minutes between getting off the ride, getting right back in the non-existent line, and back on. This event was one of the best uses of money at WDW for my friend and I. Bummed to hear about 10-15 minute waits for SDD now.

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Looks like our experience was more like yours. Sounds like it changed in January, and not for the better. I am going to take the kids to DAH at HS instead of the EMM morning in late March. They love RNRC and TOT, so seemed like a better value since it is only $15 more than EMM (of course no meal included, but my DS can make a huge dent in those free ice cream bars!).

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I was thinking on doing RNR and TOT at rope drop and getting a fp for slinky and seeing how lines were at TSM after doing Sunset Blvd. Do they only let people in TSL at 8:45? If that is the case, I may do TSM. I don’t want to do the mad rush to slinky.

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Yep–that’s what I am doing on our next trip. I really enjoyed EMM, but I would be upset if it’s now even shorter for the same cost.

I also was worried about SDD not being open first thing. With 3 hours it seems like it should run.

I think my plan will be to do other things at the beginning of DAH and then save SDD toward the end and hopefully get to ride multiple times.

This is exactly what I am planning. We are going to watch F! with an FPP at 8:30 and then head to RNRC and TOT first, DAH starts at 9pm. Then Star Tours, maybe the meet and greet and then to TSL for many rides on SDD and Aliens. I only like TSMM once (hurts my wrist), but my kids will ride it multiple times.

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Following up-has anyone gone to DHS RD in the last two months (Feb and March 2019) and had a reasonably good experience to report?

We’ve talking about here.

I saw this thread, and while it was reassuring, it contained reassuring older reports. The most recent response (March) was not reassuring. I’m specifically looking for positive thoughts from those who’ve been in Feb or March.

I was there in March and had a horrible RD experience, I’m afraid.
I did manage to get on SDD within about 8 minutes of getting into line and had all 3 TSL rides done before 9 am.

What was so bad about it? 8am opening?

I just talked to a friend of mine who went last week. They got in line at 8:30 (8AM EMH) and waited for 2 hours and 10 minutes. The posted time was much shorter than that later in the day.