What to do at 60 days prior to trip to DLR?

Thanks for offering - no hurry, I have lots of time - but the dates are 4/16-4/18. Not sure which park which day, and still debating the PH option.

Park hopper is great at DL. The 2 parks are about 100 yards apart so it’s great to have options if DL feels too tight. DCA always feels less crowded because it has wider walkways.

Looks like DL and DCA both 4’s on 16th, DL a 6 and DCA a 7 on 17th, and both parks a 7 on the 18th. Will you stay onsite? If so start at the park with EE in the morning. T-Th-S at DL, M-W-F-Sun at DCA. If not onsite, start at the park without EE. Makes all the difference. DLR is mostly locals and they sleep in, parks great early in morning no matter how busy in afternoon.