What to do after Fantasmic!?

Hey TP forum experts, I’m looking for help with ideas/advice on what my family could do after Fantasmic! on our final night of our trip? We are a family of four w/ two 13-year olds, and Fantasmic! will be on the last night of our week-long trip. A Friday in August, where it appears only MK will be open after 9pm and that’s bc of MNSSHP.

My current thought is to take a ride on the Skyliner – I don’t think we will have had a chance to ride up to this point. But to where? Maybe get a snack/drink at one of the Skyliner resorts? Skip the Skyliner and head somewhere else?

Anyway, we may be exhausted and just head back to our hotel, the Grand Floridian. But since it’s our last night, and we can sleep in the next day before check out (or when we’re dead :slightly_smiling_face:), I thought I’d fish for any fun ideas. Thanks!

By the time the show is over and you make your way out of the amphitheater and get aboard a Skyliner car it’s going to be pushing 10pm.

There’s not tons still open after 10 and I would be worried about pushing to get somewhere only to miss the mark and find it closed.

Ending on Fantasmic is a pretty sweet way to end. I personally would be happy with that.

The exception might be if you could get a late reservation at B&C. From there you’ll probably need to get a MinnieVan or Uber/Lyft back to your resort though. Unless you make it out before MK closes and then you could ride over and walk over.


Oooooo, yeah, Beaches and Cream. Funny, bc our last family trip to WDW, we stayed at YC and had planned on trying B&C, but it was closed for rennovations. Like that idea!

Even if you can’t get a B&C reservation, you could always grab ice cream at the walk-up window. I would travel far for a No Way José!


But - I don’t think they will be able to take the Skyliner from HS over to EP. The signs at the CBR hub said that the EP line was closed for transfers - I don’t know how they monitor that, but it is worth noting that they might have to walk to Beaches & Cream.

When was this?
I rode Skyliner after HS close, when EP was long since shut, to IG last September.

I don’t think they leave folks stranded trying to get to their resort. They did ask us before allowing us to board where we were headed.

I don’t think they’d leave you stranded either. It was in January/February. I did not try to take the SL to EP because I’m a rule follower. It’s likely one of those policies that is only enforced by sign.

Hello? Rule follower?
That’s me, kid

I don’t recall any signage. Just a friendly CM saying, “Right this way!”

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It’s a pleasant walk but the Friendship boats could also be an option for tired feet.


I just booked at table for 10:35pm at B&C! :grin:

Not 100% yet on this plan, but figure I’d better nab something. Can I make it there by then, even if I take the Skyliner? (And tell them the secret password to be able to transfer.) Looks like I could book 10:55pm too.


What time is Fantasmic currently scheduled for? At an 8pm showing, we were in line for ROTR by 8:45. The show is about 30 minutes and give yourself 20ish minutes to get out of the park. If the show is at 9pm, I feel like a 10:55 reservation is plenty of time.

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Oh that’s a great idea

Look at you go!

I think you’ll be fine to get there by 10:30. 10 would have made me feel pressed for time but 10:30 is quite doable even if you arrive on foot


See what I mean though - it was on one of those folding boards - but the CMs must know that plenty of people must still get in line trying to get to BW. The sign is just a sign so it deters some traffic but not all.

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Oh no, looks like Fantasmic is 9:30pm. Aug 18. Is 9:30pm a thing?

I think I’ll need that 10:55pm.

Yeah the 1055 is better but goshdang that’s late

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Well, rebooked B&C for 10:55pm. I dunno, this may not come together. I’d thought Fantasmic! was 9:00pm that night. That extra 30 mins does push things back a bit. Goshdang that’s late, indeed.


Nah…go for it! You are at Disney!!!

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I just wanted to circle back to say this worked like a charm. We were all a little tired but energized from Fantasmic. Fun Skyliner ride with a lit up Spaceship Earth and MNSSHP fireworks going off. I’m not sure my family still knew where we were going when we got off at Epcot, except that it was for ice cream. We even arrived 10 minutes early. No kitchen sink orders in our group :grinning:, but we got to see two of them come out to other tables. Fun capper to a great trip! Thanks again for the advice!