What to do about MVMCPs?

Hello all. Hoping to get some advice…

We will be going to WDW for the 1st time from Nov 14th to Nov 18th. MVMCP is scheduled for 4 of the 5 days we are there. Our MK reservation is currently for the only day there is not a party, but I’m concerned that it is going to be extremely busy that day. We are staying at a deluxe resort but are traveling with our parents and a 2yr old so likely will not be able to take advantage of the after hours (if they stay scheduled for MK on Wednesdays).

Anybody have experience going during the party season? Would you recommend changing our MK day to a party day due to crowds, or am I overthinking it and it’s not really that bad?

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I’ve not been there during the Christmas party but this past May I purposely picked my MK day the same day as the cast member party. I think Mk closed at 4 pm? We rope dropped and had genie + and totally killed it since crowds stayed away due to the early close.

It worked for us because my kids are 5 and 2 so same- we knew the later hours were probably not going to happen anyway!

Good luck!


I and my wife haven’t been to it for about 4 years. It is spendy add-on and yes it gets crowded. You see most of the Christmas colors and things without going to the party but the show at the castle is good. Now the big problem is everyone wants to get close to the castle late and that’s where the pushing and shoving comes in. We had problems with this and others feeling they had the right to come late and push us older folk out of the way. They can get quite nasty. Would we pay for it again? No Way!

Party days tend to be less crowded. If you’d already planned to be out of the park by 4:00 or 5:00 then consider switching days and plan a nice dinner at one of the resorts afterward.


It is pretty common for MK to be more crowded the day after it has an early closure. I recommend picking another day for MK if not planning to stay late anyways.

However, if you planned to take an afternoon break at resort for nap/rest then go back in evening then stick to going on the non party day.

I second this plan. MK on a party day with evening swim or leisurely dinner out of park.

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