What to believe?!

Please help my anxiety… I just made the mistake of looking at Undercover tourist crowd calendar for Universal orlando… it’s much higher than Touring Plans predicts for our trip… has anyone else seen this?? which is more accurate??

Where are you staying? I honestly ignore all crowd predictions but I know this is worrying you!


What dates? Spring break? Notoriously busy time?

Please provide more info on the dates. Anything on any website’s crowd calendar more than 60 days out is generally using historical data. However, any info you can provide about your trip will help get you a better answer.

next week- Monday to Friday- parks Tuesday Wednesday Thursday (21,22,23)

Cabana Bay


What CLs are you seeing at both sites? I can look it up myself, but I’m juggling 3 things ATM, so if you want a faster answer, please, provide as much as you can. :smile:

And… obviously I trust TP over other sites… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


UT 6/10 both parks all 3 days

USF 7 and IOA 5 on tuesday
USF 3 and IOA 4 on wednesday
USF 2 and IOA 2 on thursday

Why would it be a 6? That seems high? It seems like it is a two week period that should be very slow? I have told this story on this board a few times: around 2009-2010 UT had an app. It was the first wdw app I downloaded (they also had a ride ride- though video app). Then, I downloaded the TP app. I would check both daily. Then I noticed UT was reporting wait times for attractions closed for refurbishment, when TP marked them closed. Not just for one day, but for weeks…I switched to TP at that time and deleted the UT app. I don’t know when they stopped that app but I have never looked back.


Wednesday and Thursday should not be a 6/10. Reason it’s so high is they might be marking it higher due to MLK day on Monday, which some people get off for holiday.

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I found UT to be much more accurate for CLs at Universal than TP for our last trip (2018). We were there 4 days, Monday through Thursday. Both reports CLs of 2 for the first three days. But on Thursday, UT reported CL of 4, while TP reported CL of 2 still. Wait times were double what they were for the previous three days, which was correct based on UT CLs. I also found that the estimated wait times in TP for rides throughout the day were wildly off.