What time will BOMA ADRs go live on August 18th?

I need to know what time to refresh MDE so I can try and get a spot at Boma.

Thanks, all!

Likely 6 am est so be refreshing around 5:55am.

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When Cape May Cafe reservations first reopened, and I was looking for an ADR that was less than 60 days out, I think that I got in to book well before 6 a.m. I am not 100% sure, but that is my vague memory.


Thanks to you for posting. I have been trying for Boma every day. It is the only WDW restaurant I still want to book. I will be at my computer tomorrow morning early!

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Thanks, everyone! A few of us will be trying at 5:55am on 18-August! :drooling_face::cut_of_meat::shallow_pan_of_food::moon_cake::plate_with_cutlery::corn::meat_on_bone:

The one upside for the Boma reservations being so early is that it will give me pactice for getting up at 3:15am (I’m in CA) on my travel day on Friday. :joy:

It’s up!!


Help please. It was not on my list. i tried just now. 5:50 AM

what do you need help with?

I’m seeing Boma options for 8/20 and 8/21! We got three reservations and just canceled the extras.

Keep refreshing! They are showing up.

They were available at around 5:40am Eastern this morning. They flipped the switch early!

not for everyone. I was checking at 5:40 and I got “sorry! Nothing available!” I did start seeing things about the time @ninjasherrie posted though

I still don’t have Boma showing up

the page itself is still saying “temporarily unavailable” but there are times if you check availability

Boma is still on my list of Temporarily Unavailable. What am I doing wrong?

you have to go to the page itself, on the site, and check availability.


I actually had a dining alert set up through Mousewatcher and they texted me and sent me right to the page.
I also have one for space 220…At least now I know it works for coming soon restaurants!!


Mousewatcher huh? innnnnnnteresting :thinking:


I hate to say it, but I ran 3 of those dining ADR finders for the the exact same reservations in 2020 and TP was the worst of the 3 at finding. Mousewatcher was the fastest every time. So I use them exclusively now.

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I got one. That’s weird how it isn’t showing in the app, still says unavailable but had times on the website.