What time to sign in to get FPPs?

I know that the FPP system becomes available at 7am EST (it does, right?), but what I don’t know is if I can be signed in and ready before that? If so, do I refresh or just start at 7am? What are the strategies you all use?

You can sign in anytime. MDE is so glitchy that you may have to sign in again, or even repeatedly. It kicked me out 7 or 8 times yesterday when booking FPP.

Ugh! That would be frustrating, especially if you’d scored those hard to get ones!


Do you know if they’re ever available before 7am?

Some people (it’s completely random and by pixie dust aka don’t expect it) are able to get in on day 61. It’s worth trying if you happen to be up at that hour that day, but I wouldn’t get up just for that.

Well, I checked today and it wasn’t me, but I’m offsite, so 30 days.

On my FFP morning, I was on at 7 am eastern, confirmed booking at 7:01 am for my 60+4 FOP morning FP and then couldn’t get back on for over 2 hours. Fortunately, my FOP FP were still there when I got back on and then I was able to book everything else for approximately the times I wanted (except had to push PPF and 7DMT from 60+1 to 60+3).

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Last year when I booked (for a trip I had to cancel)…it was a bit of a night mare…kept getting booted off. Sometimes it seems easier to use the APP; other times the computer…one person suggested going icognito on your browser which I tried, but that didn’t really help me. I did have a big ol spreadsheet with which passes to book in order (hardest to get to easiest). That did cause me to have to switch days and parks for booking which can add time, but it worked out for me

Last year when I was trying to book FPP, the site had a major crash and I couldn’t book a single FP. After a few hours and lots of frustration, I had to call direct and a wonderful CM worked with me to reserve all of the FP’s I needed, except for SDD (our trip was right after it opened). Once I had everything booked, I just modified like a crazy lady until things were where I needed them.

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