What time to RD?

What time would you plan to arrive for RD on a MK CL 2 (2 for MK, 1 for resort) day?

what time does the park open? That is Rope Drop.

If the park opens at 9, I would get there around 8:15. I would take the first bus from the resort.

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Yes, it opens at 9:00.

Being that the crowds are expected to be a 1 or a 2, getting there at rope drop, it should be almost empty. You’ll have a great time.

That’s what I’m hoping. TP says 3 min wait for SM! :slight_smile:

Wow. Level 1’s are amazing. Most everything is a walk-on all day long. Enjoy.

Even for crowd level 2-3 days, at least 30 minutes before opening is my suggestion. Granted things get concentrated at the gates, but I was quite surprized at the throng at the gates as it got closer to rope drop time. Both of ours were Morning EMH days too, so for non-EMH the 45-minute suggestion makes sense.

Really cool thing about early early rope drop (that is, at/touching the rope!) is for rides like Expedition Everest and Soarin’, we were able to loop each four times before we jokingly decided that a 15 minute wait was longer than we wanted to tolerate and moved on. :slight_smile: