What time to log in

I know I’ve read this information here multiple times before, but I can’t seem to find it so I’ll risk asking redundant questions:

At my 60 day mark, what’s the earliest time I can log in to maximize my shot of getting my desired FFP ressies? I feel like I’ve read midnight, but wanted to confirm.

I’ve asked a similar question in the bookmarked thread (but might as well repeat here) re. BOG being opened up for lunch ressies… what time do you think the release happens? Midnight?

You can usually book FPs slightly after midnight, so just as it turns to day 60. An exception seems to be if MK is still open for regular hours ( during very busy times when MK is open until 1:00 ), then your booking time may be after 1:00.

Since BOG FP will be an ADR I think most people assume it wil open online at 6:00am.


Good stuff, thanks!