What time to leave for rope drop?

So I’m trying to finalize things here and realized: I have no idea what time should we aim to be at the bus stop if we want to be at rope drop each morning? We’re staying at PORS in the first week of December, if that makes any difference.

I’ve heard 7:45 as a good bus-catching time for a 9:00 RD. I think the logic is that a lot of people will shoot for 8, and you’ll be out ahead of them!

I agree with @rmfluh. You might have to wait for the bus at POR, then travel to the park, walk from bus area to bag check, wait to go through bag check, then walk up to the actual turnstile and wait. Often they start letting people through the turnstiles about 15 minutes early, and then have a short walk inside to the actual rope they will drop closer to opening. Also, it depends on your definition of where you want to be at rope drop, such as very close to the front of the crowd or just somewhere on hand.

Perfect thanks!

I would also suggest that Uber is complete stress relief from the Disney Busses. Usually quick, and cheap, too! If RD is stressing you out, consider Uber if they are allowed on PORS prem.

I agree with the above. For regular park opening we aim to leave our room 1.5 hours before opening. This gives us a little wiggle room and ensures we will be at the bus stop by 1.25 hour prior to opening. For EMH we try to be at the bus stop 1 hour prior to opening.

I have never regretted getting to a park early. You will hear conflicting reports for people who love/hate rope drop by personally my family loves it. We are early birds rather than night owls so I still get my sleep.

Keep in mind, if you use Uber, it will drop you off at either the TTC (mono or ferry) or the CR (10 min walk). The bus will drop you off right at the MK.