What time to get an Uber/Lyft?

I am planning on using Uber/Lyft for my pre-RD ADR at BOG (8:05 reservation). I’m coming from AOA. It is my understanding that I can uber to the Contemporary and walk to the MK gate. Does anyone have experience doing this and have a recommendation as to what time I should try to call the uber?

are you worried about not getting a bus? because I have done BOG 8:05 breakfast the last two times I have been and no trouble getting there on time using Disney bus from Pop, which is the same distance as AoA.

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Ubers/Lyfts (NOT Minnie Vans!) are typically readily available with less than 5 minute wait in my experience. I’d probably want to arrive by 7:45; I’d probably aim to call by 7:15 at the latest

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Yes, I am worried about being late…I am planning on rope-dropping MK the day before, so maybe I will feel out the buses and if I have any issues I will call Uber or Lyft. There are just three of us and we don’t need a minnie van, luckily.

Thanks for the advice!

one other thing - I have found BOG to be super fast if you order your food on-line first - and they do have a grace period, so you would still be able to get in & eat and still get in line for a pre-opening 7DMT before the park opens - even if you got there 10 minutes late - not that you want to LOL, but I have been up to 15 minutes late for PPO in other parks and had no problems.

Tip that not a lot of people know: you can actually pre schedule your Uber/Lyft the night before. When on the app, check in the location bar. On the right, there is a little clock. Click on it and decide what time you want to be picked up.

I always pre schedule when I have a super early flight I don’t want to miss.


I always forget about that feature!

It works great! I don’t if you can use it for Minnie Vans though…

Gah, this would be a game changer for Minnie Vans!

Not to hijack this, but does that mean you can Uber/Lyft- not just Minnevan? For some reason I was under the impression that you were only llowed to use the Minnie van Lyft option on WDW property. Is there a reason to pick one or the other? We are a family of four (two tweens and 2 adults).

You can get regular Lyft on property. Generally for me costs have been about 1/3 the cost of a minnie van but I have been going solo.

Unless you need car seats or you want to be dropped off at the bus dropoffs I would do regular Lyft.

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